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Professor blasts KU, sheriff's investigation

How dare HateTheYankees think the story is too convenient.

Just after Mirecki gets in hot water for turning his classroom into political activism and a chance to get on tv, he just happens to wake up very early one cold, dark morning and go for a drive when two fundie thugs had previously woken up to stalk his house, waiting for the chance to beat the hell out of him for having the temerity to challenge the power of the religious right in Kansas. For some reason, the thugs didn't jump him in the driveway on that dark morning, but decided to follow him, perhaps waiting for the sun to come up and for him to find an even more private place. Lucky for them, that particular morning, of all mornings, Mirecki decided to drive away from his place of work and to a dark, lonely rural rode where there would be no witnesses. Lucky for them, Mirecki was so deep in his thoughts that he never noticed those big truck headlights following him until they got right up on his bumper. Lucky for them, Mirecki was a considerate man who interpreted their threatening driving as a distress call. So he pulled over, they got out, and lucky for them, he got out to say hi. As luck would have it, Mirecki had led them to the perfect place to assault him and presented himself for the beating. But now it was Mirecki's turn to get lucky they barely hurt him and apparently a tinge of fundie conscience came over them as they fled back to their truck after all that planning and stalking gave him nothing more than a black eye and a little bruise on his shoulder. They got lucky again, as Mericki isn't able to tell anyone what they looked like, except that they looked like, well, two fundie rednecks. But he can remember how they made a reference to his class as they punched him. Oh, that part is clear, except for what they actually said. Now, Mirecki says he called the police from the side of the road, but unfortunately for him, he decided to drive to the hospital and can't recall where the assault took place. But luckily for him, he was able to teach his class that afternoon, where his students didn't remember anything unusual. And now he gets 2500 emails of support.

Mirecki has become a martyr among those who share his hatred for the religious right and it's the department's fault he got beat for not siding with him to begin with. The police? They'll soon be part of the right wing conspiracy too.

Nothing convenient about this.

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Professor blasts KU, sheriff's investigation

Pay attention to Godot. Remember Mirecki's email - the "fundie" and "slap the fat face" part were not the real problem.

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