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Haskell graduates 'live it up' at commencement ceremony

Good job graduates ....aho'.

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Haskell's president, Chris Redman, leaving for job in Oklahoma

Not all 220 employees are teachers.

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Haskell's president, Chris Redman, leaving for job in Oklahoma

Although we paid only $215 per semester, our expense still goes up to nearly $4000 plus per semester. this includes buying our own books, school supplies, laptops, printers, pay wireless to access internet for homework's, study in dorm, personal stuff, we paid our own transportation's, gas, vehicle upkeep, etc. and We pay Taxes into Lawrence budget or economy. So all in not free. sorry to inform you of this.

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Kansas man accidentally shoots wife with gun at Lenexa restaurant

Permit and proper training? wow....who was the trainer?

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Unwed births leading cause of poverty, panel told

Why have a baby in first place? It's no accident a child was concieved. Its all our fault.

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Conviction and sentence upheld in highway worker deaths

Wow!!, she really needs to be locked up for good.

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30 people cited for alcohol violations during enforcement actions last week

Both universites should put a bar on campus enough to hold 2000. Keep $ on campus.

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Lawrence woman pleads no contest to assault charge

If this was one of Haskell Univ. student or a native american indian they would not have gotten a probations. They will face months or years of jail time. WOW...

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Navajo Code Talker to receive degree from KU 60 years after departure

Thank you Mr. Nez for OUR freedom..............
With this in mind, don't build the road on the sacred ground. thank you.

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