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Boyda critical of bailout proposal

This is a good article.

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Green Lawn Envy

We water our grass to help our foundation. If the dirt dries out too much and cracks, it'll push on the foundation falls. Personally, I would rather spend the money to water the grass than pay thousands to have my basement walls braced. Last I checked, it's fairly important to have a basement in Kansas.

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$4 gas comes to town

Gas may be more expensive in Europe, but I bet we still pay more in gas. We have to drive much further to get to our destinations and our public transportation is not as it is in Europe.

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Kansas Child Welfare Contracts

I never said it wasn't possible, just that it would need more community support than is available right now.

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Kansas Child Welfare Contracts

It's a great concept, but not exactly easy to implement. There are not very many families that are willing to take troubled teens. It would take many many homes to make this work, and there's just not enough community support.

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Prenatal preoccupation: Parents fear Hollywood makes pregnancy look a little too cool

Just another way for parents to blame someone/something else. The solution used to be to marry them off, problem solved. Now there's no quick solution because the teen girl should not get married, and has to go to college in order to get a decent job. Same problem, just different times. Oh and don't say protection, it'll only make them want to have sex, they have no hormones otherwise.

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20 years gone

Nevermind, didn't realize he was 17.

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20 years gone

LawrenceLover: 18 was legal.

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Dole gives $500K to namesake institute

According to the photo...they also give money to plastic surgeons.

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Store wins final OK

Does anyone know if they'll have recycling over there??

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