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Letter: Happy gesture

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Letter: Happy gesture

Everyone deserves to feel safe on the streets. Those who regard it as socially acceptable to approach and aggress on unarmed strangers make this unlikely, especially since the issue often involves youngsters, women, the elderly and those perceived to have physical limitations-- in a word, it's often nothing but offensive bigotry. It's wrong for Kansas, MO and Southern-like ignorant parents to raise their kids to approach strangers on the street with a mindless, scripted, insulting question like, "Need help?" People like this might as well be robots. They must have a fricking, one-size-fits all chip in their heads that causes them to react the same way in every situation. Sure does obviously make them feel entitled and self-important to get up in people's business and terrorize strangers though.

It takes brains and understanding to contribute to the world. Anyone who lacks the intellectual capacity to question the political and safety implications of singling out strangers on the street for unwanted attention belongs in the Kansas hall of prejudice. Based on casual observation of this culture of busybodies it does seem like a pretty long and roomy hall though likely still not as crowded as US prisons. Please help stop street harassment!

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Editorial: Clear victor

It's easy to win using the typical Republican tactic of bald-faced, power-abusing lies! Obama came off as far more honest if less glib and deceptive.

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Column: Outdated attitudes revealed

Talk about outdated, paternalistic attitudes! They are way too prevalent in Lawrence, KS for my taste. Think whatever bigoted way you want, but no one has the right to harass and terrorize complete strangers by aggressively getting up in their business with their backward attitudes. People who behave in this way and feel entitled to extort gratitude from complete strangers need a lot of help with their brains. I'm a patient, generous, and open-minded person, but even nice people have their limits. I can't believe that the amazingly backward people who so aggressively stuck their prejudiced noses up in my business in Lawrence still exist in the 21st century world. Sons of bigots, for sure. No thanks. We do not belong in each other's stories.

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Federal suit against KU dismissed

* It does not require an idealist to wish for a more competent, honest and decent human being as an HR Director than Ola Faucher.

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Federal suit against KU dismissed

It does not require an idealist to widh for a more competent, honest and decent human being as an HR Director than Ola Faucher.

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Editorial: Justice, peace

It's very disappointing that both the President of Columbia and the LJWorld seem to equate "justice" with punishment. Anyone who sees justice in such punitive terms needs to rethink their values and stop pointing fingers of blame. This type of social values gives white-collar criminals the upper hand and invites Orwellian "black is white, wrong is right" kinds of thinking It's usually the accusatory, vindictive people who sadistically enjoy watching others get punished who are more at fault than others in situations of conflict and injustice--a big reason why places like Kansas carry such a bad name for stooping to southern-justice, dishonest tactics.

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Judge’s ruling supports KU tenure decision

We shall overcome! Even wrongheaded KU officials and the thuggish cops and local law enforcement system they hold in their wallets do not have the final word about justice-- except to tell what twisted visions of fairness and equity many in the backwoods hold.

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What do you think Kansas University could do to improve as a university?

Ban street harassment. Get a clue, people. You are not helping, and it's insulting to approach complete strangers for discriminatory reasons. Everyone deserves to feel safe from ignorance and abuse in public. Feminists do not take to people who get up in their personal space even for the questionably courteous reason of opening doors for random strangers.

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