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Opinion: Snowden should face the music

Snowden will not receive a fair trial in the U.S. Just look at how Bradley Manning has been tortured and abused in prison. It's awesome that Mr. Snowden has had the bravado by becoming a fugitive to loudly proclaim that despite all rhetoric to the contrary, justice and equality do not prevail in the U.S. Citizens who support the stated U.S. ideals of freedom require asylum these days.

Under Obama, whistleblowers will no longer be tolerated. Post 9/11 , truth-tellers are no longer honored as patriots. They are smeared and defamed as criminal or disturbed minds. Law enforcement refuses to admit that political crimes or even protected speech in favor of our supposed civil rights rightfully exists. They brand dissenters as crazy or terrorists.

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LMH lands on another top 100 list for community hospitals

Six different people use my computer. An ISP address is not a reliable index of personal identity. Google is in the NSA's pocket. They are exploiting us. We don't owe them the truth.

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Area wheat harvest a successful one

Is it GMO?

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LMH lands on another top 100 list for community hospitals

They sure weren't showing their most competent colors when I visited their out-patient office in south Lawrence. Dang MRI technician followed me right into the restroom in the name of being "helpful." Something a lot of people in Lawrence need to learn--if you don't understand and respect others' personal space and dignity it's hard to make a genuine contribution.

Some people just want to be thanked though. They love singing their mindless mantra about being helpful even when it annoys the hell out of others. Give yourself a wee bit of credit: claim to just want to help at a stranger's expense when you are actually terrorizing them with your ignorance. Unwelcome messing with strangers needs to be recognized for what it is: harassment:

23 cats tell you how to deal with strangers offering unwanted candy:

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Simons' Saturday Column: How will Obama react to growing challenges, criticism?

Obama is just a puppet for corporation and business interests. It would be wonderful to have a great black civil rights president; however, it's obvious that's not what we have. On the face of it, Obama isn't Clarence Thomas, but he is responsible for more deaths--including those of innocent civilians and their children. Ralph Nader-- usually a voice of integrity-- claims Obama is the biggest con man we've ever had in the White House. Obama has continued wholesale George W.'s Bush's trailblazing path toward a militarized, totalitarian state.

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Opinion: Campuses seek to abolish annoyances

Leave it to KU's enlightened and ethical administrators to assume racial harassment is at issue when an Asian woman terrorizes a random Caucasian one on campus for discriminatory reasons. You can forget any legally mandated minimal due process (hearing!!) at a backwoods school like KU too.

The HR will proceed to contact your boss with a knowingly false and hate-filled allegation-- including invented witnesses-- and place an accusatory letter in a worker's file with zero due process. Meanwhile the type of street harassment the misguided student who started the problem is engaging in is almost celebrated by ignorant lower Midwestern and Southern cultures who don't seem to always distinguish between "good manners "and treating certain groups of society as second-class citizens. It's incredibly bad-faith for an incompetent "investigator" to play the race card in a knowingly dishonest and defamatory way. That's apparently how the top- quality staff and lawyers do things at KU, however. It's the stuff hillybilly reputations are made of!

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Letter: Happy gesture

Everyone does not have the same story. Publishing these types of accounts might seem heartwarming, but it also encourages copycats, and the truth is that many if not the majority of stranger-on-stranger encounters are far from pleasant. Not everyone interprets being approached by strangers as an expression of good will. In this day and age it's often a threat.

No one but the devil deserves to be the object of prejudice in the guise of good manners that is so widely accepted in KS. It's nice for those behaving like this to believe they are "helping," but good intentions without good judgment and a measure of competence often lead straight to heck. How many times is Lawrence, KS noted on the national street harassment map? It may not be a badge of honor.

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