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City provides more details on rental registration program

Yep. A simple effective approach that several recommended some time ago. But noooo.... Lawrence has to go over the top.

I bought the place next door years back solely to be sure I had good neighbors. It's a NICE place! But it also was built turn-of-century. Been rewired, new copper plumbing, nicely kept.... And I rent it for relatively little because that way I do have nice neighbors who take care of it. But with this asinine program I have to see.... if the PITA-factor (P=pain, T=the) escalates I may use it for storage. I already have the tenants on month-to-month; at the 1st glimmer of City-PITA, they can go live in City Hall. "Deadbolts on doors?" "Approved egress?" [It's a 1-story!]. "Dirty FURNACE filter!?" [And just what constitutes THAT! The Martha Stewart standard!?]

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Opinion: Former district attorney comments on concealed-carry law

In the same issue, a law enforcement officer interviewed totally supported the law Wells brays about. So once again we are reminded of the fact that the County Attorney is an elected position, generally filled by someone of the area-correct political flavor.

Thanks, Jerry, for sucking up yet again to the local establishment. I'm a CCH instructor (have been since the program began) and not ONE of my numerous students who got their license has been involved in ANY illegal activity since. If anything, said license has made them even MORE conscientious and situation-patient than before.

And by the way, I am CONFIDENT that the assorted Topeka and WY-County gang bangers are VERY deterred from carrying by the pretty, new signs adorning doorways. You know-- the ones that proclaim "Victim-rich Free-fire Zone Within."

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City agrees to expand rental inspection program to all areas of Lawrence

This program is a waste of time and money. And a total fabrication of "needs." All they have to do is publicize to TENANTS how to lodge a complaint about true poor conditions, and then send inspectors to address that specific issue.

But NOOOOO.... not here in Lawland, where "we legislate before thinking." So my solution will be to, at the first ping of aggravation, remove a very affordable and NICE rental from the market. Maybe the family renting can go live in City Hall. Income isn't my main reason for owning it.

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Curbside recycling deal in the works

So what next-- a Lawrence Carbon Tax!?!?!

We have a Commission that is more concerned with blowing [OUR] money on idiotic frills and "for show" than on simply running the City in a responsible and cost effective manner.

Lawrence has PLENTY of recycling opportunities for the many of us interested in using them. Why should we all pay MORE (a lot more in the long run) to have the City choreograph it when real NEEDS like the water and sewer fixes in the same newspaper plainly are fundamental services?!

The bunch of clowns running the Commission seem largely motivated by fluff and image (at least THEIR concept of image). So we get crap like this, a fraudulent Rec Center (more of a WRECK Center) and spurious efforts to "create" a destination for retirees. The main thing here that seems to get recycled is shopworn ideas.

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Prayer list targets "dark spiritual areas" of Kansas, including Lawrence

The reason the legislature is so apprehensive of dark areas is because so many of THEM have their heads where only a proctologist would find them.

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Opinion: Control the politicians, not the guns

There presently are, in the USA, at federal, state and local levels, hundreds of laws purporting to regulate firearms. And they are as effective as the Volstead Act was in regulating alcohol.

Once again, a tragedy is being hijacked to advance a purely socialist agenda. If the concern really was for effective intervention, we'd see a lot more being budgeted for effective mental health resources in schools (ESPECIALLY in elementary grades) and later life.

I also have seen zero serious mention of any regulation of immersive and violent video games (online or otherwise). On asking around, I was told flat out that new gamers routinely have dreams involving the game-- shooting, running, etc. But regulate them??? Ohhhhh, NO! What about FREE SPEECH?! Well, I do see the merit in the argument actually. But to go off and lay massacres on the availability of guns makes no true sense. There are literally MILLIONS of semi-auto rifles of various genres in private hands in the USA. Guns that have NEVER been involved in even a misdemeanor.

Try not to get sucked into the hype from the Socialists. And BTW, do read Thomas's next to last paragraph.

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Opinion: Control the politicians, not the guns

Don't be confused. It's quite straight-forward. Think of it in terms of "SPOONS MADE ME FAT."

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Letter: Weapons tax

So many of these comments use the term "pass a law" or some similar verbage. So I'm curious: just what is it about the term "homicidal psychotic" that so many people cannot comprehend?

Homicide (at least on this planet and in this country) already is illegal. Statutes are written; the justice system prosecutes; the criminally insane (or just plain criminally inclined) still kill innocent people, especially in environments (like schools) where the people have (by law, which THEY obey) aren't allowed to possess ANY effective means of self defense.

So the cry to PASS A LAW, or REWRITE THE CONSTITUTION, etc. really are utterly ridiculous! These are things that sane people abide by. TRY really, really hard to figure it out folks. The criminally inclined regard such laws as a guarantee that they will have in select environments a target-rich free-fire zone with guns, bombs, ball bats, .... A nut case with an aluminum ball bat and a machete in a classroom of children could kill as many as with a gun! And damned near as fast.

Enough-- outta here....

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Letter: Weapons tax

And now, Larry, substitute the word First for Second, and the words Free Expression for Arms and you have the future most of us will rather STRONGLY reject. Can't happen here?? Stop smoking whatever you're on-- your stash has gone bad.

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Letter: Weapons tax

Ummmm... Dear beatrice, a reload (stuffing in another magazine) takes me ca 1.5 seconds. Factor out me being an instructor and it'd take the avg student 3 seconds.

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