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First to ‘worst’: Lowly TCU stuns Jayhawks

glad we lost, now our ego will be in check and we will now put all into a win .

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Teen rethinking apology letter to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

dear Gov . Brownback

I am so sorry that you suck.
I am sorry you and not a good person.
I am sorry you are not liked
I am sorry you are so petty you came after me
I am sorry you will never be more than what you are now a small man that is petty over your ego

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Visiting theologian to present talk at Trinity Lutheran Church

A founding member of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Society, Schlingensiepen wrote a biography on the German Confessing Church leader, who stood up to Hitler’s persecution of the Nazis.

so he is pro Nazis ? do they mean Jews? Hitler persecution of nazis? I am confused

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KU taking new approach to curb hazing

wow here is a idea. why don't KU just ban them and be done with all this trouble

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May 12th: National Limerick Day. Care to Write One?

Sass Madelein unter den Aestchen
Und spielt' mit dem Knableinmastchen,
Dem niedlichen Zweck-
Bald ist der Kranz weg :
Blieb nichts davon nur das Kastchen

to tell the truth dont know what it mean but my grandpa wrote that for me something about being pure or saintly

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Anyone up for a Budget Friendly Dinner Challenge?

cheap asian meal around $10 feeds 4 +

hot sausage around $1-3 1lbs
package of asian veggies $2
2-3 packs ramin noodles $1
white rice ? optional

fry up sausage in skillet till done breaking it up . add veggies with 1/4 cup water and a dash of soy sauce.
let simmer
in other pot boil noodles
in another pot cook rice

on large plate put rice in center , pour veggies over rice and put noodles around it and serve

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Police find firearm, marijuana in Free State student's car

Man back in the day everybody went to school with guns in their cars . I lived in St. Joseph Mo and we get up early and go hunting and then go to school and people had gun racks in the pickups and guns in their trunks . you go fishing you went wit ha .22 or a .38 incase you snagged a snapping turtle . Heck for speech class I was allowed to bring mt 9 X 57 mm mauser to school to show how to clean it .
That was in the day when we really thought RED DAWN could happen tho

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In Plain Sight 2/24/2009

the rail track by 6th street running from ljworld to waxman candles. from mass to tenn st final answer

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In Plain Sight 1/27/2010

yeah it depends on how good your throw is and if the kubb rolls but there is strategy

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In Plain Sight 1/27/2010

no there was a scavenger hunt in the area and i remember the field . I play a better game called KUBB, look that one up .

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