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Are you shocked that the Jayhawks lost to the Wildcats?


What D1 basketball program have you coached? How about high school? Jr. High? Pickup ball in the drive-way?

Give the coach a chance to establish a program. Remember, he was "given" a couple of criminals to deal with as well as needing to clean-up a few other things.

One game or even one season does not establish a college program. Go learn the game, man.

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Do you write thank-you notes after you receive presents?


The high price of beer and cigarettes makes it very hard to stick to a budget. Sometimes sacrafices have to be made.

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What should people look for when choosing a church?

if anyone is still reading this at this hour: give that RCT forum a try, its a hoot.

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Bar owner: Smoking ban labels him a criminal

...the ironic thing is that of all people he's whining about constitutionality (you know notions of being fair, responsible, legal, above board, etc.)

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What should people look for when choosing a church?

one out of four.... only Mr. Vance refers to values and morals within the context of church. If this questioned were asked of say 1,000 people how many of them would mention values and morals in the context of church?

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Homeless man jailed after traffic incident


You may, indeed, have sincere motives and genuine concern for this Simon character. However, your message(s) get lost in your constant, frequent altruistic, self indulgent ramblings.

Beyond whipping up anonymous op-eds on a newspaper blog; just how important is the "issue" of Simon to you; just how much of an advocate are you for him?

Do you provide any amount of financial support to him?

Do you devote significant time to meet, walk, talk, counsel, or mentor with him? (other than an occassional token five minutes on the street).

Are you in direct contact with social service agencies to obtain help for this individual?

Finally, have you ever had Simon visit or stay with you at your house? On those cold, winter nights have you brought Simon to your house to spend the night, the week, to live permanently?

Yea, that's what we thought. So, don't get your panties in a bunch when other posters challenge you.

Enough of this dada, it's New Years and I'm getting drunk, then I'm going to go in front of Weavers and puke on the sidewalk, so Simon has something warm to sleep on.

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2005 Year In Review

C'mon Marion, surely you're going to chime in on the events of the past year.

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Mayor says it's time for nonsense

Did you catch that statement "just trying to be faithful to my roots". Party on, dude.

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Judge upholds city smoking ban


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