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City voices support for $725k loan to shelter but wants further discussion of terms

Refresh my memory, who was the building bought from and for how much? Did the seller know the roof was bad and did not disclose it? Can they be required to help pay for the repairs, how about insurance coverage? Can donations be raised to help with the roof? Have they even tried to raise donations? Let's explore everything instead of just taking it laying down (and letting everyone walk all over us). These are questions the city commissioners should be asking.

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City voices support for $725k loan to shelter but wants further discussion of terms

Has the roof repair been put up for bid so the best deal could used? Have copies of the estimates by roofing companies been presented to the city. Please tell me the city had this done before even thinking of approving a loan. Remember how some of the costs at the Rock Chalk project were way off? Also require that any money left over from the roof repair be given back on the loan to bring down the balance. The money should only be used for the roof and the lowest bid accepted.

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City voices support for $725k loan to shelter but wants further discussion of terms

I say give them the money. At this rate the city is going to start taxing us to death and there is a good chance we'll end up living there. I for one would like to know that the roof over my head doesn't leak.

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Homeless shelter seeks $725,000 loan from city

This brings up something I have always wondered. Where are the friends and family of homeless people and homeless families. No grandchild of mine would live in a homeless shelter if I could help it, there is always room somehow. I have helped out family and friends hundreds of times. Why are their family and friends not helping them. I know there are exceptions and some people have nobody, but I'm sure that is not usually the case. Granted the ones I help always offer to help me with things like yard work, cleaning the garage or basement and painting. I don't think I have ever paid anyone other than family for painting. If you want help, be willing to help.

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Homeless shelter seeks $725,000 loan from city

I'm on Social Security and a fixed budget. A couple of years ago the city said I had to replace my sidewalk at the cost of $3500. They did not offer me a loan or assistance of any kind, just get it done by a certain date, to city specifications. I also had to get a new roof this summer, I didn't ask the city for help, just managed on my own, trimmed my budget elsewhere and did without. Loring needs to learn to do the same. A few years ago I started helping out a single mother. I soon found out the more I did, the more she expected and the less she did to help herself. I stopped and she managed to get by anyway. Yes we need to help those less fortunate than us but not to the point that they start taking advantage of us.

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Homeless shelter seeks $725,000 loan from city

The question is, did Loring know about the roof or not before buying the building. One wonders how he could not. Did he plan to ask for assistance from the city at a later date while intentionally concealing the problem? The city needs to demand to see the presale inspection. Who was the inspector, they need to be held accountable. If none was done, then definitely refuse because obviously Loring has no business being in charge of taxpayers money. The city commission has no right to lend taxpayers money to an organization/person that will mismanage it and thus default. Loring's frame of mind seems to be "someone will always step forward, so don't worry about it".

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100 years ago: Picnic for 'past-75ers' to be held tomorrow

So texting presented problems even back then.

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Who would you put in the Kansas Hall of Fame?

Better question--Who will put themselves in the Kansas Hall of Fame?

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Lawrence man charged with stealing motorist's eyeglasses in road rage incident

Totally agree, sorry if I gave the impression otherwise.

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