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Sound Off: I was concerned about the expense of installing automatic watering systems at Prairie Par

I care. We paid millions for these buildings and we should maintain them. Pride in the appearance of one's school is important.

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Town Talk: More about the proposed N.W. Lawrence sports complex, and why Lawrence shouldn't try to be Olathe

All things to all people will probably mean nothing ideal for anyone. If Lawrence wants a rec center, build a nice one. I can get behind that. If Lawrence wants to attract tournaments, build something no one else has; 20 gyms OR 20 soccer fields. I can get behind that. The development that will grow around that kind of complex will be tremendous. Even the OP soccer complex is not big enough to host some regional events. If KU wants to build a great soccer facility and a great track stadium, build it-closer to campus. No student athlete wants to take a bus to the NW side of town to see their field. This complex will hurt recruiting, not help it. We probably need all of these built. Our leaders need to prioritize the projects and build them with focus and enthusiasm, not trepidation and blurry vision.

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Challenges come with rec center

This is a great project for the community and that is what it should be. Not an investment. If the City wants to break even, spend zero dollars. Leave the investing to private businesses. We should have a facility that serves Lawrence residents, not filled every weekend with out of town guests, unusable by the people paying for the project. I have heard KU doesn't want us using their soccer field and track; again, unusable by the community. This is starting to sound like a disaster, not a community rec center.

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KU researcher receives $410,000 National Science Foundation award

410 million (Headline)?? You can fight some science wars with that much money!

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Town Talk: Rumors of Starbucks looking to build in northwest Lawrence; city and convenience store exploring options for compressed natural gas; how about a bicycle fleet for city workers?

Isn't there already a Starbucks across the street in the Dillon's store?

Hey, City. Google 'CNG Study' and see that plenty of states, cities, and fleets have already studied this. This is not the Show-Me state. Read. Decide. Maybe it is a good idea. But, don't spend a ton of money studying it.

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Town Talk: Self likely to donate $1 million for West Lawrence recreation center, sales tax dollars may fund rest; skatepark improvements, new East Lawrence playground on drawing board

I voted for that money to be spent on parks and recreation. That had better be where the City spends it.

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Voting rights advocates argue new birth certificate requirement will disenfranchise some voters

If you do need to show a birth certificate to get a diver's license, then why isn't a driver's license enough?

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Agricultural groups oppose tighter restrictions on runoff into Kansas River

Billions to keep it clean or billions to clean it up.

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Walkers Treading on Thin Ice

Allen Fieldhouse 6am to 5pm, I think. It's always been a special place.

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More snake searching yields no results

If I was that snake living in the congested woods with all of those people stomping around, I would move to a quieter place like someone's backyard.

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