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City commissioners struggle with how to deal with state's concealed carry law

I checked out the chart. 80% suicides. I guess the bad days mostly don't involve anyone else.

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City commissioners struggle with how to deal with state's concealed carry law

There is no evidence of good guys having bad days, Commissioner Schumm. This law is just collateral to living in Kansas. If we want to spend some money, let's spend it on safety education. Proaction vs reaction.

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Kaw Valley Soccer becomes Sporting Kansas City affiliate

The merger with Prodigy I think is the only news. Many of the Prodigy HS players were playing here in Lawrence with the KSA team. Some Lawrence girls have been playing with Prodigy in Topeka. So, sounds reasonable.

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Governor's bill on third-grade reading standards raises eyebrows

Jethro Bodine was the oldest kid in his 6th grade class and I'm not sure Ellie May ever went to school. Their family did alright.

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City commissioner unexpectedly raises issue of Lawrence drinking water fluoridation

Here are a few sources.

Recommendation for Using Fluoride to Prevent and Control Dental Caries in the U.S. (Centers for Disease Control, 2001):
"Widespread use of fluoride has been a major factor in the decline in the prevalence and severity of dental caries (i.e., tooth decay) in the United States and other economically developed countries. When used appropriately, fluoride is both safe and effective in preventing and controlling dental caries. All U.S. residents are likely exposed to some degree of fluoride, which is available from multiple sources." (Summary section, page 1)
"Continue and extend fluoridation of community drinking water: Community water fluoridation is a safe, effective, and inexpensive way to prevent dental caries. This modality benefits persons in all age groups and of all SES, ...." (Recommendation section, page 24)

Oral Health in America: A Report of the Surgeon General (2000):
"Community water fluoridation is safe and effective in preventing dental caries in both children and adults. Water fluoridation benefits all residents served by community water supplies regardless of their social or economic status. Professional and individual measures, including the use of fluoride mouth rinses, gels, dentifrices, and dietary supplements and the application of dental sealants, are additional means of preventing dental caries." (Executive summary)

Review of Fluoride: Benefits and Risks (Public Health Service, 1991):
"Extensive studies over the past 50 years have established that individuals whose drinking water is fluoridated show a reduction in dental caries. Although the comparative degree of measurable benefit has been reduced recently as other fluoride sources have become available in non-fluoride areas, the benefits of water fluoridation are still clearly evident." (Conclusions section, page 87)

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City commissioner unexpectedly raises issue of Lawrence drinking water fluoridation

Fluoride is approved to the extent the FDA has jurisdiction.

The FDA is just one of several regulatory agencies that ensure public safety. The FDA's authority is limited to products sold to the public and fluoride has been approved for use in toothpastes, mouth rinses and even bottled water. The FDA has no role in approving drinking water additives pursuant to their agreement with the EPA in the early 1980's. Additives are covered by state regulation's. It should be noted that the FDA does not have the authority to approve many of the products we use every day.

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Statehouse Live: Republican leaders considering constitutional change to thwart school finance ruling

The legislators disagree with the court, but want to change the law because they know what the legislature has been doing is wrong. The legislators will probably vote to change the constitution, but we get a chance to vote also on this issue. It will be simple majority for our vote. Let's see how the majority of individual Kansans feel about education funding. Start to think about how you will vote.

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Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods calls for citywide election on recreation center project

I voted for the tax in 1994 and enjoy the many projects it has funded. This project fits the intent of the tax. We voted for our commissioners. Let them represent us. Not everyone agrees with every check the Commission writes, but that is what elections are for.

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Brownback's budget office recommends funding cut to higher education

As KU is noted to have become one of the 15 most over-rated universites. Reputation doesn't carry you forever.

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