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Gender identity policy fails to win panel’s endorsement

Part of the problem is we don't understand the biology. All fetuses start of as female. The ovaries drop and become testes in men. Quite frankly, the process sometimes works differently. We humans who like our issues to be black and white need to wake up and recognize that there are infinite shades of gray. Some females are almost and part male, some males are almost and part female, some females brain chemistry tells them they are male, and some males brain chemistry tells them they are female. But who is to say if they are really female, and the body is wrong? If we look at it like some Native Americans who said they had 2 souls, then maybe that would be a healthier view, just accept them for who they are individually, and not judge. Even right wing Christians should read that part of the bible, about not judging.

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Should the city of Lawrence include gender identity in its anti-discrimination policy?

Lovely, discrimination at an anti-discrimination meeting for an anti-discrimination policy. Seen that bumper-sticker? KANSAS -AS BIGOTED AS YOU THINK.

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Coat giveaway helps spread the warmth to 200 families

I don't understand why they only do it for 1 1/2 days? Can't they find a way to extend it ? I know it's a lot of effort just to set it up, and then boom -it's over?

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Lawrence man charged in hit-and-run accident that killed bicyclist

I wouldn't ride a bike in this town. I don't feel safe driving my car in this town. Lawrence is full of the most careless drivers I've ever seen. (And I've driven DC and Atlanta) I approve of bikes, and am cautious around them, but they don't mix well with cars on a good day. Perhaps we ought to get rid of the cars inside city limits. Imagine if I had to get my fat butt on a bike every day to get to work. Your butt too...

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Nation has right to ask ‘why?’

The events that so shocked us eight years ago so that everyone was running around saying the world had changed, were accomplished by a secret, powerful element within our own government. This was done partly to open up Afghanistan for the pipeline, and some insiders say for the Central unintelligence Agency to grow and distribute drugs.

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Obesity activist crossing country to urge American Indians to embrace healthier diet

They killed off most of the buffalo, the lowest calorie, healthiest meat, now if I want buffalo I gotta pay an arm and a leg to get some. But don't take away my fry bread- even if it wasn't a traditional food, it is now, I just only eat one piece, and not the Indian taco size either, just half or a third of that. And the comment about smaller sizes of portions when we eat out...I learned from Weight Watchers to eat only half, and save the other half for later. This makes the meal reasonably priced, two times good, and you feel like you are eating out more often. I also learned that FAT IS A SYMPTOM. Some viruses cause fat gain, thyroid issues cause fat gain (or loss), and many other health issues besides simple overeating. Do stop overeating if you can. If you have extreme hunger all the time, it is not hunger, but carbohydrate cravings. Eat carbohydrates only at supper time, all the rest of the time eat green vegetables, and protein. The cravings should disappear. Unless you are on certain medications. Good Luck!

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When it comes to daylight saving time, which do you prefer?

"They've" done studies. It costs us billions of dollars in lost productivity, missed work, car accidents, etc. The more organized and civilized humans are, the worse it gets for all of us. Next, line up for your id chip to be inserted in your arm. It will have all your money recorded on it. The government will control your movements with it, and can remove your money at will! Exciting.

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Pizza: Anyway You Slice It!

Once my roommates and I wondered, why doesn't pizza come in different colors. So we made pink pizza, blue pizza, and green pizza. It was delicious at first, but then the colors started making us think of birthday cake and we started to feel sick. We threw out the rest even though the taste was good.

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Did President Obama do enough to earn the Nobel Peace Prize he won?

I'm still waiting for Gitmo to be closed, and for the Bushies to be prosecuted for the inside job of 9/11, and for the missing nuclear warhead that Cheney moved to show up. Where is it?

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KU swine flu update

Oh come-on. You are in college. Going to class is your free choice, flu or no flu. And this time of year there are always lots of colds, flu's etc going around, probably more this year because it's been colder and we are indoors sneezing on each other. But yes, you are going to get the swine flu. No big deal most of the time. But some might die like me who has health issues. Good Luck.

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