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Community Mercantile outlasts competition and changing marketplace

I agree with the comments above regarding the rather haphazard customer service afforded to patrons of the Merc I landed in Lawrence in 1977 and had shopped at the Merc at its last 3-4 locations. Been a long time and can't quite recall. Later, I became an organic producer in the Lawrence area and experienced the same haphazard treatment as well. After selling heirloom products to the Merc for a few months my family decided to opt out of supplying the Merc with our products. The motivation for the Merc seems to be who you are rather than the quality of food you produce. Also, experienced the strong arm tactics to pay less for the produce we grew to a point that we couldn't afford to "give it away" to the Merc. My family now lives in Berkeley, California, but visit regularly. When in Lawrence we have visited the Merc a few times but shop at Natural Grocers which is a much more positive experience for us. Also, keep in mind that NOT ALL profits are donated to local charities etc as implied by many. Stakeholders are paid their "profit sharing" and then what is deemed donate-able is done so for tax purposes.

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