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Roberts faces GOP foe in Senate re-election bid

Leroy Towns, Roberts' executive campaign manager, said it would be "really difficult" for a primary challenger to be more conservative than the senator.

---don't think there's any space betwixt Roberts and the Tea Party, I'm happy with him!

*I have seen Wolf in the media, and I hope he continues to speak out against obamacare. find another job for him. seems like a good guy.

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Neighbor questions church's use of school

and, as a practicing christian, I would add I wouldn't recommend this church to christians. .

But they have our charished freedom to worship just as muslims do in our country.

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Neighbor questions church's use of school

"It seems wrong that a church is holding service at a taxpayer funded, public school," Tandis Bidgoli, an east Lawrence resident, said in an email to the
Journal-World. "I don't have a problem with churches, just not in our public schools."

---why is this in the paper at all? nonissue, except one uncivil leftist joining David guth and Megan May (of manhattan, who put down members of the military).

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Lawrence police continue investigation of Saturday morning armed robbery

Lawrence police continue to investigate an early Saturday report of an armed robbery in which the suspect escaped on an old, low-riding pink bicycle with
a pink and purple "banana seat."

--- ... later, upon arrest: " the perp was also ordered to surrender his man-card, with prejudice."

a pink and purple banana seat? wowwee!

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Letter: The Undeserving

price controls *never* work and lead to shortages naturally.

big government solutions invariably have many unintended consequences.

that $200 ER visit comes about by lowering malpractice/defensive medicine, getting government out of the way, enabling patients to have greater choice about how their healthcare dollars get spent.

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Letter: The Undeserving

it is sad to see the letter writer, a psychiatrist, engage in such ignorant slurring of his political opponents. he knows better than what he writes about the motivations of republicans.

first, obamacare is in many ways making things worse than before.

second, yes, republicans have a plan and have had one. but the democrats are owned by the trial lawyers and won't ever work to reduce malpractice and defensive medicine costs. this is certainly a fact Dr. Douglas must know and confront in his own practice. these costs add much to the overall cost of healthcare.

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Letter: The Undeserving

Secondly, NO ONE can now be turned down for insurance due to preexisting conditions and the law does away with lifetime caps on benefits.

---and you think the *costs* of these along with all the other mandates like keeping 26-hyear-olds on their parents' policies just magically appears?

this is how the costs get pushed way up instead of decreasing costs.

turning health insurance from actual catastrophic insurance into an entitlement vastly increases costs, pushes people off of their previous healthcare, and is now even deforming our employment. now, thanks to obamacare, far too many part time jobs are being offered. total jobs in the economy have shrunk by nearly 2million. some of that is because of obamacare effects too.

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Author invited to speak on race issues in the U.S. as part of 60th anniversary of KU American Studies

promoting the idea that most american whites are racist is big business

would be nice if KU also included another voice with an opposing (and I believe more accurate) perspective.

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Opinion: Emotion feeds climate argument

absolutely right Cal. as documented in a recent issue of The Economist, temps have failed to match the predictions of global warming models across the board for many years.

this is just the latest incarnation of opposition to capitalism.

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25 years ago: Experts looking at mall's effect on bald eagles

effect = nil.

problem is it failed as a mall because the lawrence neohippies and paleohippies kept the mall too small, it had no large store anchor.

they haven't learned from this. every project still has these same attacks.

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