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Police find flooding at Oread Inn site both Wednesday and Thursday morning

I may be completely wrong, but I seem to remember heavy rains associated with the water main break in September.Strange coincidence that both of these flooding incidents occur during heavy precipitation, yet the cause of the flooding is blamed on a water main break, and now someone opening a fire hydrant.Just an observation.

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South Park becomes art gallery

I just choked on my cereal.... geniusman, you made my morning.

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One in a million

Kudos to Eric! You've come a long way from the Soul Asylum (when they were good) listening rocker that ran the projection booth at the Olathe Landing 8 when we were in high school.

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Do you have a Valentine?

I don't have a Valentine this year (but I'm not throwing myself a pity party). Looks like I may have to head to Carlos O'Kelly's for one of those margaritas.

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Eviction trial begins today

If the 32nd street alignment of the SLT is ever finished (not getting into that debate), 23rd street will no longer be K-10. That would mean Priscilla's would technically have to vacate. I'm sure Priscilla's has much deeper pockets than Richard does, and would wrap the city up in an expensive legal fight. That will be interesting to watch.

In the 18 years I have lived in Lawrence, Priscilla's has been the only business to make a go of it at that corner for more than 6 months.

It's a shame that Richard was allowed to open up shop, and then be the subject of an arbitrary ordinance. I applaud his resourcefulness, and hope he can find another storefront somewhere in town. There is a strip mall in North Lawrence that has some empty spots.

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North Lawrence to face brunt of traffic woes

Just make sure to fix the lights at N. 2nd and Locust before any of this happens. Up until two months ago, that light worked just fine. It was always green for north-south traffic and triggered a red light only by a car needing to cross.

Someone started monkeying with it, and now it is on a timer. 90% of the time, north-south traffic has to sit there while nobody is at the light from the east or the west.

With so many lights needing adjustment in town, why screw up one of the few that actually worked well?

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Mayor fails to disclose Deciphera interest

And that jacket she is wearing in the photo has to be the most hideous thing I have ever seen.

Was she in any way responsible for Talbot's getting a sweet retail space across from the post office?

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LIVE BLOG: City Commission takes up sales tax, Oread Inn, library expansion

Hack: The key is to increase our revenue stream. She said increasing the city's industrial tax base is the best way to do that. "That is going to take an investment in our community. I think that is what this sales tax would be about."


Just make sure you personally invest in the right company before the City gives it a free building and offers a tax rebate. Excellent example of building the industrial tax base. The City can use the sales tax to build new roads to future endeavors just like that. Makes so much sense.

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Deciphera deal eluded public scrutiny


Essentially give a building away for free, promise rebates to said company, and LIMIT how much they have to pay in taxes.

All on the consent agenda with no comment from city staff and Corliss is out to lunch.

Wow, Sue. You really took a risk to recuse yourself from the vote.

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Change considered for parking meters

$3.00 for a ticket, and $20.00 for each ticket not paid within the 10 day period. Anyone at City Hall looking at projected income by raising these prices? Expenditures would not increase due to additional manpower. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Even $5.00 for parking at an expired meter is not outrageous. At the current rate, most people are willing to risk parking over their allotted time. This impacts the amount of money going into each meter as well as the fact that there is less turnover in the number of free spaces at any given time.

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