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Amendment would establish hunting, fishing right in Kansas

I'm a hunter and sometimes a fisherman. but if the NRA is behind something it is probably not a good thing.

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KDOT moves some engineering jobs from Topeka to Lawrence

The biggest issue with retention is substandard pay and erosion of benefits. New engineering graduates going to work for cities and counties have starting salaries comparable to KDOT engineers with 20 years or more experience. The pay differential for those going to the private sector is much greater. In general KODT engineer salaries are 30-40% behind their contemporaries with other employers. The erosions of benefits is another issue. When compared to engineers with some of the neighboring state DOTs KDOT engineers total compensation is a joke. I would like to blame this all on Brownback but the truth is this has been over 20 years in the making. No funding for the step increases on the pay matrix and very few cost of living raises has been the situation since the early 90's.

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Brownback issues executive order opposing Syrian refugees relocating to Kansas

Well said John. Thank you!

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Brownback issues executive order opposing Syrian refugees relocating to Kansas

I always knew there was something I liked about you Kris. :)

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Behind Clinton-Kobach feud lies serious proposal: automatic voter registration

I had exactly the same thought, but you beat me to it. LJW should stick to reporting on the issues and not their hurt feelings.

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Records review raises concerns about quality of inspections for $92.5 million in school district projects

This type of situation is becoming common as all levels of government adopt a more "business friendly" posture. It is happening with transportation projects on the state level and street and other public works projects on the city and county level. For many agencies inspectors are not even called inspectors anymore they are construction observers and have very limited enforcement authority. When I began my career many years ago if an inspector determined a contractor was not following, the plans, specifications, or codes they had the authority to shutdown the project until the issues were resolved. Now generally all they can do is document and report violations and they are often never resolved. As government continues to be attacked and eroded you can expect it to only get worse.

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Construction supervisor at New York Elementary says he quit in frustration over corners being cut

I've been in engineering and construction for 30 years. This is the direction the whole industry is headed. With budget and staff cuts there are not enough inspectors to ensure plan and specification requirements are being adhered to. Some contractors cut every corner possible to increase their profit. When I began my career 30 years ago public works projects were given thorough oversight by public agencies usually with publicly employed inspectors and contract administrators. All aspects of the work were under scrutiny daily by the inspectors. Over the years that oversight has slowly eroded and been handed over to the contractor. It's like the old saying about the fox guarding the henhouse. I don't mean to imply all contractors are unscrupulous and do bad work, but when you are talking about publicly funded projects it should not be acceptable at all.

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Kobach reviewing options after meat shop ruling; plans to build home in Douglas County this fall

Kobach should review his options for resigning and leaving the country.

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Douglas County OKs specialty meat shop; Kobach fails to block Lawrence entrepreneur

If I lived in the area I would be much more concerned about what Kobach plans to do with his property.

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Kansans in Congress vow to push for repeal of health law

I better idea is let's repeal all of the Kansas Congressional Delegation.

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