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No easy fix for KPERS unfunded liability, lawmakers are told

The party that talks the talk about values needs to walk the walk. The state has an obligation to the members of KPERS. KPERS was part of the employment agreement just like their salary. It must be funded and made secure.

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Budget woes threaten highway program, group warns

Who is going to complete the projects? The last time I visited with my friends at KDOT the staff has been reduced to the point it is barely enough to keep the doors open and the moral for those left is next non-existent. If the legislature completes their plan for more changes to retirement you might as well close the door since anyone eligible will retire. Anyone that thinks the service KDOT provides to Kansas can be provided successfully by the private sector is a fool.

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Budget woes threaten highway program, group warns

How about the bridge safety programs like the bridge vertical clearance program that has been canceled?

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Kansas lawmakers move to change bargaining, civil service

There was a reason Teddy Roosevelt and others fought to put the civil service system in place. Patronage is the worst form of bureaucracy. The Republics are out to destroy everything that built the strong middle class that developed in the middle part of the last century. Their plan is to undo the New Deal and destroy Labor Unions, two cornerstones of the middle class.

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Lawmaker suggests school finance case could affect judicial budget

Maybe he should go back to school and learn about the principle of checks and balances of the three branches our government. I guess he failed that class.

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Conservatives hold significant power as 2015 session begins

That shouldn't surprise anyone when you realize they're the "do as I say not as I do" party.

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Grand jury investigating loans to Brownback's re-election campaign

Does anyone really think he will face any consequences even if there is an indictment or even a conviction? The GOP have fooled too many people for too long and they are too entrenched in power. We lost what may have been our last hope of a return to anything like a centrist common sense democratic government with the reelection of this fascist regime.

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Lawrence man suggests 'crowdfunding' to fill Kansas budget gap

Gladly, but only if you never use our roads, police, fire departments, water and waste water systems again.

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New revenue numbers show $715 million shortfall through 2016

If you want he government workforce to be more productive then pay them decently and treat with respect and not like second class citizens or slaves. Brownback has destroyed the civil service system, most positions are now be filled as temporary unclassified.
This means they serve at the will of the governor or his cronies. No more merit based system. But the merit based system has been broken for 20 years. Even before Brownback the Republican controlled legislature has devastated the state workforce. Merit increases have not been funded since the 90's. The only raises state employees have received are 5 or 6 cost of living increases that have been half or less than inflation. Brownback is in the process of totally dismantling the state government. You can look forward to more toll roads that cost you 3-4 times more than a road funded by taxes, more privatized services like Kancare to line the pockets of the corrupt company officials, third rate public schools, and etc.

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Editorial: Experience counts

Once again I'll ask why is the Journal-World almost the only newspaper in the state that doesn't get it?

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