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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

good stuff seth and jvinland. KU won't win for awhile.

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

Mark Cuban for a.d. KU could get any coach they want!

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

Let's all get our bitching and moaning out tonight and start focusing on the basketball team. Jump on the bandwagon of a winner

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

Mark Cuban for athletic director!

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

Lew Perkins has done his job as the a.d. the way KU wanted him to do it, regardless if he pissed us all off, which he did. Yes, KU had a good couple of years, but Mangino left the way he came in. I am glad this s**t is over. Now we can concentrate on basketball.
One parting thought for the coach: Remember the Golden Rule. Had you done that during your tenure, you'd be coaching the Jayhawks next year.

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If this is the end, how will Mangino be remembered?

I will remember him as a fat, selfish person who does not care about people outside of football. I will remember the orange bowl victory two years ago and what a great team KU was. I will also remember him for his lousy play calling in yesterday's game, and all the allegations of abuse wherever they took place.

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Mangino 'optimistic' he'll return next season

the play calling on the last series for KU was a travesty. That's should say it all. Mangino blew it.

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Mangino not living on his knees

I agree with nowthetruth; how really true it is. I have been anti-mangino since the allegations of both player and (possibly) domestic problems have arisen. KU had a chance to win the game yesterday; all they had to do was run some clock, force mizzou to use their time outs, and get a first down or two. Instead, mangenius decides to throw the ball, and on third down reesing dies in the end zone. worst play calling I have ever seen. Even the commentators were wondering why KU didn't run the ball. Personally I enjoyed the high scoring game, all the great plays, and watching briscoe and reesing pile up the numbers on the way towards a possible victory. They say it isn't over till the fat lady sings, but I can hear someone warming up right now. I think we know where the blame lies for this loss.

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At Fambrough’s urging, fans show support for KU football

this is the classic case of "circling the wagons." What a sham! A gathering of all pro-mangino people. Give me a break! What's the other saying, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

I hope mangino enjoys his Thanksgiving day feast, while others have to work on his behalf, i.e., Bob Newton, Bob Davis, the staff of buffalo wild wings, etc. instead of being with their families. I hope for dinner one of them gives Mangino "the bird."

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Stay or leave? It's business as usual for Mangino in wake of probe

how about Mark Cuban for football coach and Oprah for athletic director? This way money would never be a problem.

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