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Offbeat Occupations: Munchers baker owns the night

strawberry knots and the blueberry fritters are excellent. 8am before work, greeted by the elders drinking their coffee. After reading this, I'll be sure to tip well. Thanks, Mr. Tennyson.

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Lawrence resident taken to LMH after rollover accident at 21st and Louisiana

Traffic is heavier other directions but mainly 21st is more of a direct route. I'm sure you don't really care about that though. Have a great day.

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Lawrence resident taken to LMH after rollover accident at 21st and Louisiana

People have a problem with patience. I take that shortcut at least twice a day and you can wait there for several minutes. I don't mind the wait to be safe and there are times when there is very little traffic. If you're in a hurry or are just impatient and think you own the world, just take 23rd like everyone else. You would think people would be more aware while driving near a school pedestrian crossing.

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Jet sparks curiosity

working near 9th and iowa. heard it first, was going fast, did some maneuver, then headed back west. thought i heard another one but didn't see anything. Maybe someone has a hangar in Tecumseh.

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Burger battle gaining steam

Just finished my burger with mushrooms, shallots, smoked cheddar and chow-chow from Tennessee. Waiting patiently for my next movement.

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Burger battle gaining steam

what about the pad in topeka? pad burger, pretty good.

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Burger battle gaining steam

Westcoast Saloon, great burger.

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East Lawrence awaits dome-home project

thanks again to all the great neighbors in the area that support our project. Please feel free to stop by and ask questions and we will probably have an open house when it's all done. We look forward to the months of progress ahead. We will also be having a volunteer day this next weekend if the weather is good and if anyone wants to participate please give our offices a call. 842-5494.

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KU won't commit to downtown parade for National Champions

I think it's great that Roy showed his support for his old team. That's good sportsmanship just like the humble jayhawks have shown all season but I doubt he would have the cajones to show up at the parade, Memphis might need him to help mourn.

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