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Tibetan travels: KU alumna explores simple life on teaching assignment

Excellent photography, Megan. You have the gift. I've long dreamed of traveling to Tibet. If you reach Bhutan, please do share more photos and a journal of that experience. Good luck.

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Wakarusa Fest may not play on

I agree with Logicsound04.And I think it unfortunate that people, people who obviously didn't attend the festival, are generalizing about the "hippies" and are so dismissive.I am not a hippie and I don't use drugs. I'm a gainfully employed middle-aged man who attended the festival to enjoy great music under the great Kansas sun and starlight.I saw many of my neighbors at the festival. Some were camping with their kids. I saw a city commissioner. I enjoyed the company of my teenage daughter and her boyfriend. I am quite confident that none of them were using drugs. The panhandling element is but a small percentage of those who attend the festival. Be careful, you just might find yourself related to a "hippie" someday.

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Dog Days attendees cluster for T-shirts

Of course "Red Dog" took the high road but how nice it would have been for him and the "community" participants to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the program in style, traditional style. Instead, a couple of weeks ago, the stadium entrance points were closed and the keys changed so that participants would not even have access to the single restroom. The program was moved outside, and modified (especially on the final day noted in the above article) but it went on with few complaints from the leaders and the hundreds of "communtiy" participants. There may be a logical explanation but many of us wait to hear. I do know that the interior of the stadium wasn't in use as dozens of us worked out Thursday morning at six.I choose to give the benefit of the doubt but, again, sure wouldn't mind hearing an explanation from KU. Not for us, but for "Red Dog" and his volunteer leaders. I hope this isn't uncivil. Not my intent.

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