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Lawrence ranked second-worst-performing small metro area, according to new national economic index

I am a relatively young (28) homeowner in Western Lawrence who works in Topeka and spends the bulk of his discretionary income in the Kansas City area.

I am not surprised by these rankings whatsoever.

Lawrence?! - A midwestern city with a City Council dominated by an Eastern Lawrence ("let's keep Lawrence artsy and cultural man!") mentality-a mentality which is inherently resistant to growth (re-zoning is not difficult with a functioning city council), a developer/development group that owns vasts amount of land but is in bed with the City enough to demand the kick-backs when and where they see fit, and an electorate that's all to willing to vote for people that simply peg the meter.

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Gun rights bills on target for final passage

The first law referenced would not be ruled unconstitutional out of hand. The law has been narrowly written as to provide the State with an argument that would be consistent with the federal coercion ruling that was part of the overall NFIB v. Sebelius ruling last June.

On an editorial note: I will never understand people who whine and complain about a legislative body's policy choices being against their will as if they were expecting something different to happen. This is Kansas and you're a liberal. It's never going to match up for you, so why work yourself into a frenzy? Enjoy your liberal oasis of the Oread where just about everyone thinks like you do, diversity of opinion is dormant, and capitalism can never shed its training wheels. Stop worrying about what the Legislature with a Senate that has 8 Democrats in a 40 person body and and a House of Representatives with 33 Democrats in a 125 person body is doing or not doing. Your blood pressure and crocodile tear ducts will thank you for the break you'll be giving them.

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