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School board candidates share similar views on major issues

Really. Were you at the forum last night? I believe his answer to the question was that creationism is best handled in church.

Have you known Robert long? Have you had discussions with him on this subject? I have known him for several years. I don't believe that adding creationism to the curriculum is something that he intends to change.

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Voter inclusion, not suppression

You have to have documentation required for the program that is being applied for - birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce papers, etc. You have to prove that you are someone's parent. I don't believe that a driver's license is needed.

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Voter inclusion, not suppression

A car is not a necessity if you live in a city with public transportation. And for many lower income families, the cost of owning and maintaining a car is a lot less important than food. There aren't a lot of banks in poor urban areas. If they do exist, the minimum required to open an account is more than some people have. If you work for cash, you don't need to cash a check. And if you don't have a regular adequate income, you sure don't have a credit card.

For many people, a checking account, credit card and a car are things that are out of reach. And without a need for a picture id, why bother.

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Have you ever made a pledge to your college's capital campaign?

And while you were in school, you benefitted from the donations of previous graduates. Those donations help your program pay for your education. Pay it forward.

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Lawrence school board asked to take vote on consolidation

How is the current board responsible for any of the sports field decisions a few years back? None of the current board members were serving when the decison was made to improve the facilities. They have just had to deal with the aftermath.

I'm sure that the board would love to be able to make long term plans. It's a little hard when they don't know from one year to the next how much money will be available.

It's easy for us to say what we would do. It's a lot harder to have to make that decision. How many members of the consolidation committee found it a lot harder than they thought?

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KU cuts have ripple effect

Yes, the athletic department has nice, new buildings. They have donors who are willing to pay the money to build them. Of course, the buildings don't belong to the athletic dept. They are the University's.

Any other program on campus can also build or renovate their buildings. They just have to find the money. The Pharmacy school is in the process of building a new building; the Business school is working on the funding. The Pharmacy school was lucky in that they received money from the state before the budget crunch.

The problem is what you get for the money. If someone is a donor to the the athletic department, they receive something tangible - a good seat to football and basketball games. Plus the games are networking activities for businesses and academic units. How many of the schools who routinely complain about the athletic budget have suites at Memorial Stadium or basketball tickets as thank you's for their donors?

What do I get for a large donation to a school? A thank you letter from the dean? If the English department can charge $35 to $90 for someone to sit in on a class, they would have the same type of money.

And how much money does the athletic department bring into the community? Are the same people who are complaining about the athletic department's money the ones who complained about the loss of money for Lawrence when the KU/MU game is played in Kansas City.

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Spotlight remains on Gill

My mistake or a freudian slip? I should have written - buy a house in the school's area.

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Spotlight remains on Gill

How do you choose a school? Apply for a transfer or buy a school in that school's area.

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Board discusses how to make more cuts

Enough with the football field complaints. It has been pointed out several times that the money used for the fields was not money that could be used for educational purposes. And the process was begun before there were budget issues. If you would like to see those funds be available for classroom purposes, complain to someone who can do something about it - your state representatives.

It's easy to sit at your keyboard and criticize what the board and the administration for the district does or doesn't do. How many of you attended last night's meeting, listened to the discussion or participated in the discussion? The members of the board are taxpayers just like you, have or have had children who were students and want to see the education system in Lawrence excel or they wouldn't volunteer their time to serve on the board. I also imagine that they have access to a lot of information about these issues that we don't.

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Regents to discuss state higher education funding in Kansas at Wednesday meeting

The cost for an in-state freshman in 2009 (tuition, fees, room and board) for two semesters is $15,976.70. The cost for a non-resident freshmen for two semesters is $27, 954.70. That state funding makes the cost for a Kansas student almost half of out-state. Remove the funding, double the cost for the Kansas student.

Most students at KU are paying their own way with loans, a job, scholarships, grants. The only ones who can afford to "pay their own way" are wealthy. Should a college education be reserved for only those for whom $30,000 is discretionary spending?

Affordable education for Kansas students means a greater likelihood that they will remain in Kansas once they have graduated. Without this "luxury", who would fill your prescriptions, educate your children, keep you healthy or help you when a family member is in need of services.

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