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Town Talk: Bookstore to close; Carnegie rentals off to fast start; Eagle Bend Golf Course changes

Actually, I believe Half Price Books is a chain albeit a smaller one. Your independently owned bookstores in Lawrence include Dusty Bookshelf and the Raven Bookstore--both good places to shop as well.

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Local merchants spread holiday cheer by providing exceptional service

Raven Bookstore! Friendly staff who always give personal service!

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Lawrence Humane Society Director Backed by Community

Don't know what the deal is, but I hope it blows over and Midge is back on the job. None of us can really know what happens in the workplace unless we are there, but all public evidence suggests that this is a good woman who does fine work in a very difficult position. I have thought often about how lucky this community is to have such a good Humane Society. Many communities have little more than the local dog catcher. Let's hope all of this nonsense goes away soon.

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Town Talk: Teller's tries new approach; 80 pounds of candy per hour; Lawrence CEO makes Forbes list

What a typical "there's-nothing-West-of-Lawrence" comment that seems so prevalent around here, and it's fairly xenophobic as well. Not clever, just stupid.

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Lawrence library leaders moving forward with expansion design plans

Oh, my gosh! Give it a rest! It's done. Move on. Find something else to complain about or maybe go outside and enjoy the sunshine instead of the electronic glow from your computer screen.

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KU production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' to feature original dialect

My goodness! Let's not engage in any educational experiences; let's not stretch our minds a bit; let's not examine a new perspective; let's not learn a bit before we judge.

Don't worry, Shakespeare's plays have survived a great deal worse than an attempt to restage them in OP. They've even survived narrow, simple-minded dolts who post on newspaper blogs. To avoid the "horror" of this production--let me see--what could be done? Oh, I know: don't attend! And then you can continue to spout off your self-absorbed inanities to your heart's content.

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Lawrence Community Theatre gives everyone a chance to find the spotlight

Yep. And though this is not the place to generate a discussion of the "worth" of the big-time musicals, it is worth noting that the American Musical Theatre is a rich and valuable tradition that explores the complexity of human existance just as effectively as many straight stage plays. Familiarity might breed contempt, but there are interesting and thought-provoking ideas in many of our familiar musicals including "Oklahoma" and "West Side Story."

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Lawrence Community Theatre gives everyone a chance to find the spotlight

Well, since they just do "shlock," it is fortunate for you that you are not one of the "chosen." Wow, you really dodged a bullet there. Now you have the time to go off and do "real" theatre.

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Lawrence Community Theatre gives everyone a chance to find the spotlight

Alceste, you are absolutely wrong. Indeed, there is a core of volunteers who keep things going, but every show has new actors, new people behind scenes and getting involved at every level. They all happily, gratefully, willingly accept anyone who wants to volunteer his or her time. In fact, the theatre actively encourages ANYONE to join in the creation of great theatre. You are very mistaken.

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KU dance professor Janet Hamburg falls to her death in New York City

Whitney and LJW---

Please, please, please consider disabling the comments section on stories like this one and the story about the boy killed last week. This forum is not a "right" and disabling comments has nothing to do with free speech. There is no comments forum on obituaries, for example.

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