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Half Price Books to close Lawrence store in coming months

I'm sorry about Half-Price, but there are still three local bookstores in town: The Dusty Bookshelf, Signs of Life and The Raven Book Store. Always had good experiences with Dusty. I don't shop much at Signs of Life, but it seems like a good place. The folks at Raven are very customer-oriented. They will help you find what you want in the store or do their best to order it for you.

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Renamed streets honor memory of Fambrough

Don Fambrough was a great supporter of KU and his support had nothing to do with the MU stuff. That is so much NOT his "claim to fame." It is unfortunate that everyone focuses so much on that one aspect of his admitedly colorful character. He loved a good story; he loved to fire up a team. This was a man who believed in teaching and developing young men, who believed in supporting and promoting a school that didn't always treat him as well as it should have, who loved Lawrence, KU and Kansas and spent all of his adult life tirelessly lending his time to making his communities a better place.

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Opera Is My Hobby’ going off the air

No, not unexpected. But I hoped that it would remain in some fashion . Now KPR has no time devoted to opera . This is a great loss.

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Bishop of Kansas finds true calling helping to lead Episcopal Church

This man is the Bishop of the EPISCOPAL church in Kansas. This is not the Catholic Church.

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Who is your favorite teacher?

Uh, either Shawnee Barron wasn't paying too much attention in class or the LJW has made a rather odd error: Marti Mihalyi is a woman. (Also, quite a good teacher.)

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No common affair: How the royal wedding will stack up against typical American nuptials

My goodness, it must be terrible for you all to have to spend so much time announcing to the world that you won't be spending any time watching this event. Exactly how high is your blood pressure right now as you think about how you won't be thinking about it, and about how much you don't care and how much you care that people know you don't care?

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Have you ever changed your mind about shopping downtown because you couldn’t find a parking spot?

Honestly, some of you constant complainers about downtown are just ridiculous! Yes, there are times when it is hard to get a spot RIGHT OUTSIDE the door of your chosen store! Good grief. Just walk a bit. I've never been able to not do what I wanted to do downtown because of parking unless there was a huge special event going on.

You know that by the time you park in the south 40 at Walmart, walk through the parking lot and then through that monstrousity of a store, you will have walked about as far as you would from a parking place on Vermont or New Hampshire to Mass Street, and the atmosphere is much less appealing.

Certainly there are things you can't get in the stores downtown; shop on South Iowa when you need to, but don't get up on your dang self-righteous high horse about how "inconvenient" it is to support your neighbors and friends who are part of a unique and important aspect of the Lawrence community. Why exactly must it be "either/or"?

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Eisenhower Museum to display original copy of Declaration of Independence April 26-27

April 26-27 is not a weekend. Are these the correct dates?

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Borders store in downtown Lawrence to close by end of April as part of bankruptcy; 27 to lose jobs

The Raven folk will help you find it and order it whenever possible. Usually arrives very quickly, and they always have suggestions for those hard-to-buy-for relatives!

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Lawrence High junior revamps Lawrence's West Side Presbyterian Church nursery to earn Girl Scout's Gold Award

Excellent! Congratulations to Jaclyn and West Side Presbyterian.

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