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KanCare battle renews as 2014 legislative session starts

Merit? What merit? Please tell us, Dr. Crum.
This is clearly just a partisan issue.

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Lawrence woman has made self-advocacy her life's work

Great job, Kathy. I've never understood why parents of I/DD children didn't get them on the waiting lists long ago when it was available. It is so much harder now. Thank you Kathy for picking up the baton now and getting people off of these waiting lists and into services.

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Lawrence woman with disability becomes advocate for people like herself

Congratulations to Stacy for working hard to make life better for others and herself as well.

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Kansas House Speaker Merrick blasts regents, KU over funding, salary issues

I had wondered if he even went to college. He doesn't sound like an educated person. I thought he was a dork during the legislative session and this is just more evidence. These are our leaders? Pretty discouraging. I've enjoyed reading everybody's comments, especially Ywn's comment about the stiff competition for the dumbest thing said by a legislator.

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Another tax increase bites the dust in the House; Democrats call for end to session

Nile Dillmore put it well, "This can't be faked." I like him. He calls it as he sees it.

And we still need the carve-out.

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Legislative negotiations break down amid Republican in-fighting

God may be the only one who can resolve this. I mean the real God, not the one who lives at Cedar Crest. Somehow I don't think those two are acquainted.

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Republicans push through proposal blocking the desires of advocates for the developmentally disabled

I cannot believe our legislature is doing this to people.

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Ralliers want to preserve current system of providing long-term services to those with disabilities

Ohhhh Shawn Sullivan, those providers aren't trying to create fear. The fear is coming from parents who fear what Brownback's thoughtless proposal will do to their disabled family members.

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Concerns of those who care for Kansans with developmental disabilities rise as session reconvenes

I thought the fiscal issue was not based on inflation, but on the (misguided) theory that the state will save money only if they lump everything in with KanCare.
Inflation is still going to be around regardless of whether services are carved out. And not all providers get raises because of inflation. Many do not.
It is kind of conniving for the state to say, "If you people don't quit pushing for services to be carved out, then we are not going to fund your waiting lists." I wondered what Brownback was up to when he suddenly made that generous proposal to give money to the waiting lists. I don't think we will be fooled.

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