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The Boy in the Attic: De Soto mother Rachel Perez discusses horrific child abuse case

What can we do as a society to help prevent these tragedies? Maybe stress that every single human person is worthy of dignity? A child with Down syndrome, a ranter on a news website, even a poor mother who may be guilty of attempted murder? Maybe treating people with dignity before they do ill would help them not do ill? Maybe help when we can, like the officer, and not ignore? Weep when things like this happen despite our help, and do our best to teach our children to treat others with dignity, and model that behavior ourselves? Perhaps this could be something we do despite our political beliefs? And maybe only use words when words will help?

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The Burger Stand set to move out of Dempsey's and into the Casbah

(Sorry: that got posted in the wrong place.)

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City issues more than 140 tickets for unshoveled sidewalks

Central Jr High also didn't have anyone out plowing/shoveling for the last go-round--and it is a main walkway from Barker to downtown.

I'm all for getting people to shovel their walks, but I'd like a little more on the city's side before they throw out tickets. They never plowed our street fully --ran by, but without the plows all the way down--and now we've got 3-inch ice ruts (and this before the current blizzard).

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Roads finally cleared of snow

When people complain about the snowplows "plowing them in" in their driveways, I have to wonder what they expect. Either you pay to have someone plow your drive/sidewalk, or you shovel it out. Plows push the snow to the side. That's how they work. My evidence?=22 years in the snowy North. We'd all wait for the plows to come, then get in there and shovel out the drives and alleyways (or call the private contractors to do it). That's called..brace yourself....winter.

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Snowbound: Rare white Christmas brings frustrations, fun

I predict we won't see a plow on our eastside street until Tuesday, earliest. Mass St. is only 1/2 clear down here.

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Winter Weather Blog: Some churches canceling Sunday services

And who the hell is counting the snowfall? In a protected area in our backyard with no drifting there is 10 inches. Drifts up to 14 inches back there (not counting shoveled snow). There are spots on the unplowed streets deeper than the bottom of my car.

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Winter Weather Blog: Some churches canceling Sunday services

Saturday afternoon: Don't go out if you don't have to or if you have a normal-height car. This is treacherous, sandy snow that's easy to spin out in. I'm used to driving in snow and I got stuck trying to get to a main artery, and even then it was sketchy. The drifted snow and ice underneath is making for treacherous, hard to see traps even on relatively "clear" streets. Lots of fishtailing. And PLEASE--if you have a 4WD car, still go slowly and don't assume you have traction.

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Do you have a child who is named after someone famous?

Do saints count as famous?

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