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No concealed carry in Lawrence schools

Im sorry but not saying anything about keeping one @ school is a human right....Im saying you have a human right to protect yourself...No committe or board is going to tell me how i need to protect myself nor will i tell them how they should but dont tell me i cant...This nation is full of sheep like you,and with my bud down at lkpd they like the fact that normal citizens train with them and actually take the same courses they do,along with seminars and other training programs.I call it how i see it.I see many MANY problems with the logic people think they have these days,when infact they have 0 logic...By the way any item can be used as a deadly weapon as long as the operator wielding such items has a intent to harm others...You sir need to move to california,you'd realize how wrong you actually are.

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No concealed carry in Lawrence schools

Why not let a teacher with his CCW carry?Have a lockbox and a IWB holster and no one would even know...I mean come on,everyone has a right to protect themselves weather its some law or not....Its a human right,and that should be up to the individual not some committee or board....Come on teachers are supposed to be responsible,so whats the problem....Im only saying teachers too....They and police should be the only ones carrying on school grounds....

"Dont blame a tool for something the operator used it for,thats like putting the blame on a fork because youre fat"

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Have you noticed a bad taste in the city's water?

Lawrence water has always been nasty.

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Kansas sets another record for concealed-carry permits

Very nice to hear 53,272 good american kansans are exercising their rights to protect themselfs,their familys & friends.Glad to see this :)

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Opinion: We must save our children from guns

Blaming a firearm for a death is just like blaming a fork for you being fat....Operator Headspace...

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Lawrence preschoolers witness Black Hawk helicopter landing

I knew i heard a military bird flying around lawrence.

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Lawrence police offering free course in hunting and firearms safety

Very nice,will be attending.Cant wait :)

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