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Sound Off: How many presidential debates will there be?

Well, the debate between Stein, Johnson, Goode, and Anderson in Chicago on October 23rd will probably have some pretty interesting policy discussions. If that's what you are after.

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Did you take part in the Kansas Republican Party Caucus?

So, instead of complaining, why not register as a Republican ahead of the caucus? Your intellect is what allows you to make sound choices, not party affiliation. There is no Independent primary, so you wouldn't be robbing yourself of the chance to participate in that.

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Bicyclist injured after accident at Fifth and Michigan streets

You have the right to take the full lane when preparing for a left turn. In this case, the proper thing to do is: 1) look behind you, 2) signal left, 3) move over into left half of lane in advance of the turn, 4) turn.

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