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City hopeful that a solution is in the works for 23rd and Ousdahl flooding

I agree. It's ridiculous that this hasn't been addressed yet. I remember that intersection flooding back in the mid 80's when I was growing up. Maybe the city should have spent the money on this instead of building their beloved roundabouts.

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Tractor-trailer crashes into I-70 tollbooth, Colorado driver dead

Why are we forced to pay a private company to drive on a road that was built with federal tax dollars?

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Heart disease kills 'one woman a minute,' area experts warn

Roughly half of the people treated for heart attack have normal cholesterol levels. Roughly half of the people with elevated cholesterol levels never get heart disease. Cholesterol levels are a horrible predictor of heart disease because cholesterol isn't the problem. There is a growing chorus of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons that say inflammation is the problem, not cholesterol. The low fat, high carbohydrate diet that doctors are still pushing on us is the culprit. Eskimo Indians used to survive almost exclusively on saturated caribou fat and whale blubber. Heart disease and obesity were unheard of in those populations until they adopted our "heart healthy" diet. The USDA and their dietary recommendations are literally killing us. The same grains that farmers use to fatten their cattle for slaughter are exactly what the USDA recommends we eat in large quantities. It's no wonder we have such a problem with obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

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What would you do to lower the federal deficit?

Go back to the Clinton era tax levels. Put term limits on congress, enact campaign finance reform and criminalize lobbying.

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Letter: Ineffective Congress

I love watching all you Republicans whine and cry. It's entertaining. Keep it up.

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Kansas' U.S. House delegation supports bill providing government funding but defunding health law

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the Amercan people reject the guy who ran on a platform of dismantling Obamacare? We had a choice last year. We voted to keep Obama and Obamacare.

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Parks and Recreation plans healthier foods at city-owned concession stands

Your body CAN NOT store fat without insulin. Period. That's why people lose a lot of weight on low carb. There's no disputing that. It works. As for cholesterol, half of the people treated for heart attack have normal cholesterol levels. Half of the people with elevated cholesterol levels NEVER get heart disease. High cholesterol numbers are great for selling expensive statin drugs, not so great for predicting heart disease. In fact, women with elevated cholesterol levels tend to live longer than women with "normal" levels, according to the Framingham Study. Cholesterol isn't the problem. Cholesterol is there to fix the problem. Heart disease is caused by inflammation. The inflammation is caused from refined vegetable oils , you know the "healthy" oils we use in place of lard and butter, specifically the high omega 6 content. Another source of inflammation is high glycemic foods ( not all carbs are high GI ). That "healthy" whole wheat bread we're told to eat has a higher glycemic index than a candy bar.

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Parks and Recreation plans healthier foods at city-owned concession stands

Greasy food doesn't make you fat. Insulin makes you fat. "Healthy" fruit juices and turkey sandwiches made with whole wheat bread make you produce excess insulin which drives most of the calories in to your fat cells. When insilin is done doing its job, you're left with a dip in your blood sugar which makes you hungry and then you eat even more "healthy" food, starting the process over again which leads to excessive calorie consumption. Eat a big juicy steak or pork chop with a side of leafy greens and you will be satisfied and not reaching for excess calories. It's really not that complicated. Sugar (even naturally occurring sugar in fruit juice) and refined carbohydrates (bread, tortillas, etc) are what's driving the obesity/diabetes/heart disease epidemic. Cut the insulin producing foods and your blood sugar, weight and cholesterol will improve.

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Moran: GOP needs to assess election's meaning

1992: The Democrat won the popular vote.

1996: The Democrat won the popular vote.

2000: The Democrat won the popular vote.

2004: The Republican won the popular vote.

2008: The Democrat won the popular vote.

2012: The Democrat won the popular vote.

I'm beginning to see a trend here. The GOP is in trouble.

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