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Internet company owner's appeal fails to sway Eudora City Commission

So the city of Eudora is blocking this over $2500? How much money is RG Fiber going to invest in our community? $2500 is a drop in the bucket. It sounds to me like the city needs to put their grown up pants on and start acting like adults. This mandatory recycling doesn't set will with me either. What's next? Are we headed toward a Lawrence style sidewalk ordinance?

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Kansas governor won't be present for budget announcement

You can spin it all you want, dude. We are lagging behind the national average in job growth. This experiment is a disaster and his approval ratings show it. Trickle down doesn't work. You tell me how dismal job growth, increased sales taxes and slashed school budgets are good for Kansas families?

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Kansas governor won't be present for budget announcement

Only a Fox News troll would be celebrating a $70 million increase over the dismal 2014 revenue numbers. 2015 is $297 million short of 2012 revenue and $456 million short of 2013 revenue. Face it, the tax cuts aren't working and Sam's approval rating reflects it.

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Illegal firework violations can cost hundreds of dollars, jail time; police planning vigorous enforcement

If I remember right the argument was that so many houses had cedar shingles on their roofs and could get set on fire very easily by stray fireworks.

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New plan emerges for raising taxes to balance Kansas budget

"It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages."

Henry Ford

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A prominent goodbye sign from defunct Payless Furniture that labels Lawrence 'Obamaville' and much more

Almost everything he sold there was made in communist countries like China and Vietnam. So actually we did "REJECT MARXISM" by not buying his cheap crap. He was the one supporting Marxism by buying their furniture!

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Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester abortion procedure

And now the Taxpayers will have to pay for the court battle that is sure to come. Might even go all the way to the Supreme Court.

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Brownback's K-12 cuts larger than first thought

It's time to leave Kansas.

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Lawrence home construction hits second lowest total on record; Rock Chalk Park recreation center posting big attendance numbers

With the city pushing energy efficiency standards that are very difficult and costly to meet, it's no surprise contractors are hesitant to build here. It's also well known that the building inspectors are too strict with their interpretation of the code, especially the county inspectors. I know several contractors that avoid Lawrence and Douglas county just because the inspectors are difficult to deal with. It's easier AND more profitable to build in Johnson County.

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