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Douglas County, Lawrence officials say texting ban proving difficult to enforce

FYI, the law does excuse law enforcement from not having to follow it when they are on duty. Due to having the computers in their vehicle.

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KU fall enrollment down 1.8 percent from last year

It is the price of KU. Washburn tuition is way cheaper then KU and their enrollment is up 7.3%. I sure am glad I go to Washburn!

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Highway Patrol saturation patrol nets 10 offenders

lawrenceguy you have no idea why they do it. First of all you are right they don't do it for the money because they don't make enough. It is not an ego trip they do it to keep these drunks off of the street. You try losing your dad when you are five years old to a drunk driver. It is not fun. They do it because they want to keep crime off of the street. Every night they go out they risk their own life.

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No official word yet on Aldrich, Henry

jbiegs it is a possibility that both will b back, and you can't really be hinting that KSU is better considering KU beat you three times in the same year. KU did not lose to KSU in the NCAA tournament so do not be saying that KSU is better just because KSU has made it farther.

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Next year, title possible

Yes like all of you I am upset that KU lost. I visioned them going to the Title game and winning. But look back on the successful year that KU had. 2000 wins, Big 12 regular season champs, Big 12 title champs, Coach Self became the fastest coach to get 200 wins and he also got 400 career wins also. Do not critize his coaching he obvoioulsy knows what he is doing and he has been a great coach. Also KU knows how to execute look back at games this season, I think they have showed that they can. Yes it sucks we lost, espiceally to a MIAA conference team, but that is part of March Madness right? It didnt help that everything NIU threw up went in, but give them credit, they were ready for us.

I look forward to next year we have a strong team returning and I think Xavier will be back

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Firebirds’ offense comes alive in win

They do go out and win and be gracious, like any team they are going to have bad years and not win very many. Was it last year that Free State only had one win in boys basketball, and now look at how they bounced back. Not every LHS team is ungracious. Look the cross country team, girls bball two years ago, and the 2006 boys track team, and also the boys baseball team last year.

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Firebirds’ offense comes alive in win

The sign did not mean that the school district gives more money to Free State, the sign meant the Free State gets more donations, which is fine. If thats where people want to donate their money than its fine, it is their money and they can do what they want with it.

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Firebirds’ offense comes alive in win

LHS has plenty of parents that created tradition too, not just Free State's parents

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