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Kansas attorney general responds to criticism for hiring private law firm for Planned Parenthood lawsuit

It's only the beginning. It is amazing how many friends and cronys that our Governor has
and he owes favors to every one of them. All that money and support was not a gift, it was an investment. Now it's payback time and we all know who will get the bill. Just remember he
needs the legislature to rubber stamp all his actions so some of this could be remedied at
the next election.

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Do you think Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback should attend the AFA-funded prayer rally in Texas?

If he is planning on confessing his sins while there, then I say, 'go for it'. The list should be long enough that his term would be up by the time he gets back.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback signs budget; vetoes Kansas Arts Commission funding

Yes, and what we have to spare we donate to food banks, and medical services,
next we will be asked to donate for education. But of course the cupboard is bare in order for our governor to repay all that support money he received and make sure it keeps it flowing. Face it Kansas has a governor who is bought and paid for. He has as much distain for education as he does the arts

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Health attack

Forrest & Donna, I did not intend to reply to your letter after reading some of the postings here
but I want to tell you how much I appreciate your speaking out. It sometimes seems lilke an
exercize in futility but you can hope at least one reader will realize the truth in what you say.
Recently I rceived a letter from my dr's office informing me that my insurance co. records show that I am again eligible for my annual tests and checkups and reminded me of the importance of such regular checkups. I knew it was a letter I would never have received if I had no insurance. It just so happened that the goveronr in the state where I now live had just signed the anti planned parenthood bill here. As I saw the irony, I began to wonder how many women would forego seeing a doctor because they had to choose between feeding their family and paying a doctor. Thanks for your letter and if you do read the postings please skip over the really insulting ones. With your training you know how it is when people "act out".
I pray that cooler heads will eventually prefail. God bless you both.

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Wrong course

Sounds good, guess those who got the tax breaks didn't read the memo that came with it.

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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback predicts 401(k)-style pension plan for new teachers, government workers

A portion of his pay has been deferred and used by the state for however many years he
worked & contributed. In lieu of a higher salary the state also agreed to contribute a %
to that fund. Retiring at 52 is not the usual for civil service, life expectancy for both police and fire in gereral is shorter than average. Neither my brother nor my cousin would have lived to enjoy any retirement if they had waited tilll 65. They were both firemen. If you are ever in a burning building & happen to meet a fireman risking his life to get you out be sure to tell him how lucky he is to be getting such a good deal on his retirement and also mention that your taxes are paying his salary. Meanwhile, tell your brother I thank him for his service and I hope he lives a long well deserved retirement. Sadly there are too many in his profession who don't.

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Power play

The governor of New Hampshire was very honest about his motives' to restrict college students ability to vote. He said he didn't really want them voting in their state because they tend to vote on their emotions rather than their brains. At least he didn't make up any phoney excuse. Suppressing the vote has always been a tactic to try to influence the outcome of elections. Was it in Kansas where the name of a" fraudulent " voter was touted as proof of fraud because he was deceased? They tracked him down raking his leaves. His reply "If this is heaven why am I still raking leaves?

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Praise for teachers

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those teachers who had a part in educating my children and my grandchildren. You have sacrificed much to pursue your love of children and teaching and we have all been blessed. It is a shame that in this day and age politics decree that it is your turn to be vilified in order that others may extend and solidify their power. I am so sorry that I do not have the power to help stop all this but at least I can say Thank You and God bless you!

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Immigration lie

I find it very interesting that the immigration law recently passed in Arizona attacks the businesses who hire illegals as well as the immigrants. However... there is an exemption for housekeepers, nannys, & lawn care occupations. Evidently the legislators don't want to pay full salary for their household help.

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Brownback signs bill restricting late-term abortions based on 'fetal pain'

I cannot but wonder just what experience you have had. You are right we often treat animals better, a farmer will sacrifice a calf or colt to save the cow or mare, it is a matter of
economics, Guess we know where some put the value of the female human.
In my lifetime I have known many liberals and many conservatives and I have found that neither should be generalized or demonized according to their political beliefs. I would never call most liberals guilt ridden abortion participants any more than I would call all conservatives bearers of false witness. There is a reason why we are cautioned not to judge others.
It is because we are so inept at it. You have chosen certain interpretations of the bible to govern your life. It is a large book, with many passages, we should not berate those who read from a different page. What these laws do is insert a politician or judge between me & my dr. in a hospital or examining room while we are making life altering decisions.

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