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A.G. sues towing company

There goes the dedicated broke-down-BMW customer again. I really feel for you driving such an expensive car and paying so many expensive tow bills. Maybe you should think about getting a Toyota or a Honda- granted they are not the most expensive, but boy, they sure do last longer and have a lot less problems than your BMW seems to have. And speaking of man-power, I am pretty sure those TM trucks sit on the lot so much b/c there are only, what, 2 or 3 people who drive those TM trucks, the owner and his faithful customer's husband. HMMM... talk about manpower, guess that's why they charge so much- to make up for how many calls they could run otherwise.Isn't that what you are trying to say about the other companies?

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A.G. sues towing company

And BTW kufan_2005- the most expensive is not always the best either. For example, name brand does not usually have better quality than generics like Wal-Mart and Aldi.

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A.G. sues towing company

Don't let names/appearances fool you. The sign on does not equal the person. If things were always as they seemed, then maybe all those trucks sitting on your lot would mean you were actually out towing a lot, but that's not quite the case, since they never seem to move from one spot. You talk about other companies not having many trucks or very expensive ones, bu ounds like they do not have as much overhead and so they do not have to rip people off to pay their bills. Actually, I have a very good job, and a very nice car that won't need to be towed any time soon. And trust me, there is NOTHING you could do to help my life. Crooks have absolutely nothing going for them, and only bring other people down. Misery loves company. And I'm glad you mentioned how the dictionary would not help you make money, b/c isn't that exactly what it comes down to- GREED? You don't do anything that doesn't make you more money than it's worth. You talk about other people not being educated. Obviously people who are educated can earn a good living without ripping everyone else off, unlike you. I learned the difference between right and wrong at a very early age, so I would go without a job before I would work for someone who is so obviously lacking in morality and ethics. You can't put a price on self-respect.

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A.G. sues towing company

And by the way, where do you get off bringing an innocent citizen like robert gilmore into this. He doesn't have a home, let alone a car, so he would never even be in need of a tow of any kind. I just love people like you who think you are better than everyone else, and pick on people who have nothing and want nothing to do with you. Get a life, and quit ripping people off.

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A.G. sues towing company

I have very little respect for Hillcrest either. Most of those drivers have very little, if any, experience, and they have also started to be like Transmaster's by jumping calls that another co has already been called for. They also have been known to overcharge on calls, and still claim to be able to "justify" the charges. I guess when you 3 times or more than anyone else, you would be the only companies who can afford to run the "big trucks". But hey, I think you need to use a dictionary, I had a hard time even being able to read your posts, Raasch.

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A.G. sues towing company

All I can say is, it's about time. This company has been shafting people for years. They charge almost twice as much as any other company in town for "normal" tows, and whatever they feel like on wrecks and "major" tows. Their tow bills are always outrageous compared to any other company in town -but, of course, always "justifiable". I feel sorry for people who find out their veh was towed by TM without their knowledge. If it had been towed by anyone else, they would still be able to afford to eat that month.

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