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Rosy outlook for Community Theatre move

Our town is really fortunate to have a community theater. But the ticket prices are so high, no one in my community can usually afford to go anyway. For $20 per, you can usually go to KC and not have to sit through The Music Man or Noises Off. Again.

I'm not trying to be negative, but I would like to see more spaces here in Lawrence like the Living Room or the Fishtank, which are both in KC. Affordable to smaller theatre groups who produce more local work and like to keep ticket prices low. Renting either LAC or LCT are so expensive. Is DLAD doing anything for performing artists? I'm not totally familiar with the visual arts world. Do people have to rent the galleries at the LAC to have a show?

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Review: ‘Cat Scratch Theatre’ proves both wild and tame

As a theatre critic, I am sure that he is very familiar with exquisite corpse. I think that he got the general idea. I think that this corpse was just... not so exquisite. It was heavy and slow.

"Grim Reaper" wasn't my favorite play either. Although the script was kind of a yawn, that play had more energy, better acting, and better direction than "Exquisite Corpse". But that's the great thing about reviews, and about art in general: it's all so subjective.

I enjoyed the evening because overall it was an entertaining evening. And theatre doesn't have to be 'high art' to be entertaining. Some of the writing was hilarious, some of it was good, some just so-so, and some downright awful. Across the board though, acting was better than usual for community theatre.

I think that supporters of local arts should definitely see this show. Let's not forget that EMU is throwing a festival for local playwrights, here. There's not enough of that going on.

So, kudos to EVERYONE involved. It takes b*lls to put your art out there like that.

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