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Letter: Poor showing

I think 8.6% is actually a decent turnout for a primary. If it were a general election then that would be low. Way too long of a whine for a primary.

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Finale four: Four KU seniors to say fieldhouse farewell

There's a huge difference between McLemore and Selby. I'm not even going to argue the talent level because the stats speak for themselves. Selby needed another year, he was not a projected lottery pick (if I remember correctly) and showed immaturity throughout his campaign at KU. Selby was also injured for much of his freshman year.

Ben is a freshman but Ben is a redshirt freshman. He is consistently projected as a lottery pick and in most of the lottery projections is within the top 3-5. Many on ESPN have him going number one overall.

I don't want to lose him either but to say he "really needs another year in college" is not true in the least.

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KU's tougher admission standards inching towards approval

Growing up in Lawrence KU's reputation of snob hill was well deserved. Having the chance of running across several people from faculty, administration, endowment, and even students, my perception of KU has changed by listening to them. They know their methodology has been flawed, and they admit it still is, but each person has pointed to the new chancellor, from their unique point of view, to discuss how things are changing rapidly. I'm excited to see if this holds true and I hope they were not hollow words I listened to.

Some specifics I learned:

1. The raised admissions standards will help weed out those unprepared and will save those students money in the long run. It also will lead to smaller, focused classes.

2. KU is focused on improving their honors and research programs for undergraduates. If they want to attract the best and brightest, they need the programs in place to attract them.

3. The development of undergraduate research and honors will, hopefully, lead to increased pursuit of graduate programs.

4. In order to facilitate these changes the core curriculum has been redone university (I believe) wide. Again, KU recognizes they need to change and are taking steps in the right direction. They have a long way to go but hopefully the leadership is taking them there.

5. People on this site love to whine. A lot.

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Unfinished business


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Federal officers make drug arrests in Douglas, Johnson counties; eight suspects are from Lawrence

We drove by and saw the vehicles come flying out of Dillons parking lot and the tactical team surround the car. On our way back from errands a tall black female (I guess it could have been a male with long dark hair in a ponytail) was cuffed by a sheriff's van in the parking lot.

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Amendment would have radical impact

Yes, it is double homicide. Remember the Scott and Laci Peterson case?

If the woman chooses to murder her fetus, it is abortion, not a child, and her right. If someone else does it without her consent then it is murder.

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Happy ‘Hawks


I believe the writer means this year.

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Wait and see: KU must sweat out NCAA seed

FanFan, that's not a national joke; that's an MU joke. There were several talking heads on ESPN that said it was "sad" the rivalry was ending. There were more who compared the divorce MU initiated to a spouse who is leaving asking the other to continue to have "relations". Obviously the actual speeches were more colorful but don't want this taken down.

If MU really wanted the rivalry then they wouldn't have left. KU will do what's best for them. And continuing to beat up on their little sister just isn't fun anymore.

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KU now charging for garage parking for women's basketball fans

As exciting as women's basketball is I think this video shows why most people don't support it.

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