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Kansas City Royals week in review: 5/9/2011

I had picked the White Sox, but they appear to be an absolute mess as well. I think you're dead-on that the status in the Central was a contributing factor to the Hosmer call-up...right or wrong (and only time will tell), the Royals front-office appears to believe that they have a shot at contention NOW. And you win now, if you can. I believe that, going in, they truly did mean it when they said they were going to give Kila the year...but circumstances changed. I do feel bad for him, but as you put it so well in the podcast...the Mike Jacobs signing is "patient zero" on the Kila-thing. A bad decision then, a worse decision now.

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Kansas City Royals week in review: 5/9/2011

Excellent recap as always, Nick.

For me, the most fascinating development last week (apart from Hosmer) is that with each passing week there appears to be more and more evidence that the Twins and White Sox are not going to be significant players in the AL Central. The Twins in particular appear to be completely lifeless and most importantly, punchless. Their run-differential on a per-game basis is by FAR the worst in baseball (-2.0). Yes, injuries have compounded that, but Mauer isn't the whole reason why they are struggling at the plate - and Mauer still has no timetable for his return.

The White Sox had a better week, but even they have continued to struggle - I think Liriano's no-hitter says more about the quality of the White Sox than anything about the Twins. At 9.5 (Twins) and 10 (Sox) games back of Cleveland, both teams are actually in a more do-or-die situation than the Royals at this point - a .500 month for KC likely would have them still in contention...a .500 month for the Twins/Sox would be better, but borders on a disaster for both teams (and I'd argue we've seen nothing that would indicate this is about to happen).

The longer we go with them struggling, the easier it becomes for KC to continue in contention.

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Royals Week In Review and Preview - 4/11/2011

I'm not panicking about him yet, but at some point...Kila has to hit. Walks are great, but they're not enough. Kila needs to hit about .250-70 for those walks to mean anything. It's still early in the season, but he just isn't getting hits. He was 3 for 21 (with 9 K's) this week and only drew 2 walks. That just isn't going to cut it long term.

With all respect, my positional player of the week is Butler. He absolutely destroyed pitchers this week. Hit 9 of 18 with 6 BBs and 0 K's. His one week (5 games) increase in OPS was +.257 (from .922 to 1.179).

And Gordon continues to both hit AND play good OF defense. Another couple of weeks of this and we could be talking about him finally (finally) making the leap.

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Royals Week In Review and Preview - 4/4/2011

Exciting stuff indeed. I have nothing against Kila as positional MVP of the weekend, though in all could make a case for Frenchy (though I won't).

Btw...minor correction to the above: the White Sox series is on 4/5 and 4/6

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