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Local men at center of local 'K2' synthetic marijuana controversy brought up on federal drug charges

Wake up people! Marijuana and anything that looks or tastes like it can KILL you and your children. It already kills millions of teens who OD every day all over the planet and the rest of AMERICA. #420NO

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Commission approves increase in water and sewer rates; city on path to build $64M sewage treatment plant

My sewer and water bill is like $200 a month.. how could it possibly go up more?! Can I come over to someone else's house to bathe from now on?

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No charges yet, but information about alleged turkey abuse case sent to D.A.'s office

Wrong town to pull something like that! I keep hearing my dad talk about "those turkeys on the city commission" so you gotta know that they have enough influence that you'd never get away with it.

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City agrees to create cultural district surrounding downtown

So city commissioners want to draw more of an actual physical circle around the only businesses in Lawrence they intend to pay attention to?

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Family man: KU’s Travis Releford relishes fatherhood

Yeah right like we'd put someone on the team just because they were someone important's son.. preposterous.

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Notebook: Zach Peters to leave KU basketball program because of health issues

What a bummer, I really saw him being a unique and special talent. He demostrated exceptional post footwork which just seemed to come naturally to him. Never saw him play in person so now left wondering what could have been. Wish he could suit up for just one game so we could at least applaud the guy.

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Journal-World hosting reception for the unveiling of Only In Lawrence honorees

You should hold up one award and say "this one is presented to all the LJWorld comment section posters, without you..." Then just laugh manically and explain you're kidding.

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