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‘Wow’ factor: Cole Aldrich impressed by Jayhawks

After playing for Sacramento of course we're going to look impressive to him.

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'Love' garage no more

I had to get rid of my "love garage" too.. Also I can't go near schools anymore.

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KU chancellor to get $60,000 pay raise funded through KU Endowment Association

Oh good her husband can finally quit his job and focus more on important stuff.

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Shamanic healing has a foothold in Lawrence

I guess someone reported my comment about a Level 85 Shaman because I mentioned a type of fireball spell used by the class. I just think that build would be more fun then support only or tanking.

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Shamanic healing has a foothold in Lawrence

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Brownback says higher sales tax needed in case state loses school finance lawsuit

Doesn't bother me, I shop online with vendors where I can avoid sales tax.

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KU freshman Ben McLemore declares for NBA Draft

I don't want him to stay at KU just so we can get more wins or see more exciting high flying action in the Phog. I just want him to be able to stay so he can be a kid for a little bit more. His life was so hard growing up, he finally could really enjoy himself here in Lawrence, let some worries go. Now it's on to the grind, being on the road constantly and having a bunch of hands reaching out to him, wanting everything and taking everything from him that he'll give. As of yesterday he's a bankable asset and has the ability to spend without limit.

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Rio Adams might stay

I really like Rio, wish him the best no matter what he decides.

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