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Effort under way to give teachers more time to plan

The USD 497 board has promised to every teacher that they will pay a single rate insurance policy. When the rates go up, the school board pays them. This is figured into the overall raise. Which should not be called a raise. This should be called a cost of living adjustment. Do I think all teachers should get them...sure. Teachers get evaluated at least twice a year and if the district decides they want to renew their contract, why shouldn't they. Every year Teachers have the ability to go somewhere else and if USD 497 does not offer a competitive salary with outlying districts, then getting the best teachers for our kids will become even more difficult.

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Effort under way to give teachers more time to plan


Last time I checked this thread we weren't talking about you and your job! I don't know what you do and I could care less. Listen... if you think it's so great to be in teaching...go get certified and become a teacher!

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Effort under way to give teachers more time to plan

Listen Godot...Get informed BEFORE you babel on about something you have no idea about. Why do you think the Journal World goes on about it???'s newsworthy! Your logic befuddles me! (because the JW reports it that makes it legal?)

Have you not read the papers the last few years? Teachers received minimal pay raises for the past 10+ years. They report that they got 3%-4% tops, some years....nothing. Inflation has gone up at least 5% every year so teachers actually lost money (at least 1%) each year. In addition, medical insurance has skyrocketed and that accounted for a big chunk of that increase.

The issue of performance has already been addressed. You can't compare apples to oranges. What if a teacher was to get stuck with low performing students? Why should that teacher not get a raise because they happen to teach at a school where they don't have the advantages another school does? Clearly you know very little about any of this, as do most of the people who have posted before you. I gotta idea! Why don't you go to school for 5 years+, get certified, become a teacher, continue to go to school for the next 20+ years, get your masters and then your doctorate. Then you might be informed enough to actually post something worth reading here.

That last paragraph is totally ridiculous. No! what I'm saying is that IT IS AGAINST THE LAW FOR TEACHERS TO STRIKE. COMPRENDES? Figure this one out, oh ye of brightness. If teachers can't strike...what recourse do they have? Hmmmmm. I'm waiting......figured it out yet? Nothing! Bing Bing you when the big prize! That's right they and their ever so "powerful" union can't do anything!!!!! Hey big shock huh? The only recourse they have is for the teacher to go to another school district like Blue Valley where they respect teacher's work, pay them and don't bitch and complain. Hey guess what? That's what's been happening! That's why the teacher's in Lawrence got a big (8% but ya gotta figure in it's really not that high) raise. And Lawrence is still behind BV in salary!!!!!

Ya'll just keep on bitching and complaining about that little bit of extra money that you have to pay to educate all of society. Just remember, it's a lot cheaper to educate them and have them as a productive member of society than it is to support them as adults or put them behind bars ($40,000 per year to incarcerate vs. $2,000 to educate)!

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Effort under way to give teachers more time to plan


It is illegal for teachers to strike in the state of Kansas. Take Abe Lincoln's advice... "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

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Effort under way to give teachers more time to plan


Every time you post, you show that you are truly ignorant of the educational process and that you know not of what you speak. So do yourself a favor and stop posting.

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Builders review methods after collapse of deck

Anyone from Lawrence knows what kind of builder Tim Stultz is.

Just went out and checked my deck! My house was built in 1995 by Heath Seitz and it's bolted in. Hmmm....interesting how Seitz was doing this in '95 despite the "code".

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