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Letter: Gun ‘rights’

Owning a gun not a right? That's why it's found in the "Bill of Rights"! Besides ever read the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights? Any right not expressly given to the government was reserved by states and the people! (See 9th and 10th Amendments) Don, a basic 8th course on the Constitution teaches you that! You must have been asleep during that lesson. Don't think any of those things that you mention won't or can't happen again? Those who fail to remember the past are doomed to repeat it!

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No security changes at Lawrence theater after Colorado massacre

Take down the "gun free" zone signs that advertise for a psycho shooter to come and get away with it. The Aurora shooting took place in a "gun free" zone. Clearly psycho mass murderers are concerned with breaking a gun law! Dumbest thing ever! If people were packing heat he wouldn't have killed 12

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Fit feet: New shoe lines promise health, fitness benefits

Had my five fingers for over 3 1/2 years and they still are going strong. There is nothing closer to going barefoot, which by the way cures most of the modern day ailments associated with shoes, then the ff's.

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Fit feet: New shoe lines promise health, fitness benefits

Vibram Five Fingers blows any of these shoes away.

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Community Care

Socialism here we come!

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Oil producers urged to boost output

Bottom line is that Americans are going to have to change their lifestyles. No more gas guzzling SUV's, vans, etc. No more long distance trips. No more urban sprawl. Buying a new hybrid is not economically feasible for most people, many should take steps like in this book The World's Most Complete Guide to Saving Gas and Money very cheap on <a href="">ebay</a> or wherever. Regards,Bandito

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Day care: Allegation a misunderstanding


Where in Hades did you get your education? My god, that had to be the most incoherent, laced with grammatical and spelling errors, piece of garbage I have ever had the displeasure of trying to read on here. Next time you desire to express your opinion on here, get someone who actually made it past the 3rd grade to proofread it!

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"Red Dog" to chat about changes to summer Dog Days workouts

The workout usually lasts from 30-45 minutes. Most just last 30.

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December drizzle dashes hopes for white Christmas

Hmmmm....isn't the Winter soltice when the sun is at a 90 degree angle over the tropic of capricorn not the equator?

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Weseman takes blame for late school cancellation

Hey, Guess what? Tomorrow's cancelled too! Ya'll must have pissed Randy off!

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