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Headquarters names new executive director

Congrats Steve! So happy to read this - Headquarters is still in good hands. :)

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Police planning DUI checkpoint in Lawrence Friday night

Agreed - very well put, gatekeeper.

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Police planning DUI checkpoint in Lawrence Friday night

exactly - mags_and_k.

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Local accident victims advocate against texting while driving

I'm actually surprised that I'm not disturbed by the majority of the comments on this one. Put the phone away, it can wait - if for some crazy reason you MUST text, pull over. Stop being selfish.

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Police planning DUI checkpoint in Lawrence Friday night

If you're not driving drunk/impaired, then what’s the big deal? What are you hiding in your car? Why not answer questions? All this entitlement is really unjustified - they do these checks for a reason. I got my first and only DUI during a checkpoint and I am glad that’s how I learned rather than my horrible decisions ending up hurting myself or even worse, someone else. In a recent DUI checkpoint in Kansas City they found that 1 in 20 drivers were impaired – now THAT’S what’s scary, not the Lawrence Police.

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Lawrence social worker helps patients live their own lives

I love reading articles about Lawrence's gems. Kindness, compassion, keep it coming Lawrence! :) Congratulations Ms. Shockey, thank you for all you do.

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School bond issue sails to passage


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What would you do to help improve the Kansas University men’s basketball team?

They need to relax a bit - contrary to what everyone else has been saying... Maybe get together for a big dinner and just chill out. THEN get it together and rock college basketball as usual. :) 1,2,3, go - gameday tomorrow.

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Woman injured after being struck by vehicle on 23rd Street

I think its ridiculous not to consider how horrible the driver of the car must feel. Even if you are paying full attention - not on the phone, not under any influences, driving the speed limit, ect. accidents do happen. I hope the pedestrian recovers quickly, but in the mean time Lawrence, lets just use the crosswalks. It's really not that hard.

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