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Dispute erupts at Wal-Mart over ear-piercing of young girl

pywacket. Why do you assume that this was a white person who forced ear piercing on her child? That is what a "cracker" is. Do not make racial slurs about someone who does not share your views or opinions. I'm sorry for you if you feel the proper way to raise children is to teach them that when people feel differently they do, it's OK to call them names to make themselves feel superior. Talk about bullies!

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Dispute erupts at Wal-Mart over ear-piercing of young girl

I feel that there are alot of things about this situation that none of us will ever know. Wal-Mart is usually crowded and if this something that justified calling 911, I would think that there would have been more comments from people who witnessed the whole thing. My daughter got her ears pierced at Claire's last year, and I chose a small place to do it in case she decided to have a fit. She had been begging me for 3 years, but I decided to wait until she was old enough to help care for them. After three years of begging, 30 minutes of driving, and 10 minutes to find a parking space, she was getting her ears pierced.

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