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Some simple steps can keep us safer from violent attacks

Reticent has it...the old fashioned buddy system!!!

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Mother feels unfairly singled out at local drinking establishment

ooo...did I get post # 360? wow, full circle (pun intended)

Look lady,
a. private businesses have absolutely every right to reserve the right to deny service for any reason they see fit.

b. what your actually dealing with is society's questions about what's right and wrong, not the bar manager's . . . he's just the messenger in this case. At some point owning social norms becomes second nature (for some)

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Obama all about vision, not reality

While I personally do not agree with this article, I, as a veteran of these United States of America, am glad to know that the rights of free speech and the freedoms we, that I have defended by service to this nation (and thereby the rights of those of the people who disagree with me) have, have been held, so that those whom align themselves with these ideas can have a voice of opposition without fear to their personal well being. What have you done to protect those that voice an opinion that you cannot align with? That is all.

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Lawrence woman reports car stolen

...without a description, what is the value of this article?

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Only Republicans file for Insurance Commissioner post held by Lawrence's Sandy Praeger

and Sandy's a republican....riiiight.

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Questions arise whether Lew Perkins violated state ethics law by accepting 'loan' of exercise equipment

If he does leave, can we move the KU football game with Missouri back to KU instead of playing it in Missouri?

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Police searching for armed robbery suspect after incident at Taco John's

Did they get his number . . . maybe LPD could call him and ask him to turn himself in (and the potato oles)

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Bike-to-Work Day

ditto . . . 7:30 would be good

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Douglas County to mail new valuation notices to most owners after error

Mine's backwards, but whatever. I know about it and there's no reason to send me another one.

Feel free to keep my portion of the $23,000 for a rainy day.

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