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It's official: Turner Gill announced as KU's next football coach

Just tell me how I get my money back from those priority points donations. Wow!!!!!! I didn't realize we're settling for second best. Tubberville was begging to have an interview. NBC news said Gil has 3 things going for him; played in Big 12, daughter at KU, and from Texas. What the %$&*$#@ does any of that have to do with coaching???? We're the laughing stock now. Lew couldn't close the deal with Harbaugh and now he goes to back up plan. I hope the new Chancellor has the moxie to let Lew go when Gil falls flat. Lew, you let me down. I thought you rolled with those "big" contacts. This is all you could do???

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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

Pleasssssse tell me this is a bad joke. What the %#*^~ happened to Harbaugh? Gil is abt a #5 pick. Can I get a refund for all my priority points please??? Harbaugh or Tubberville would have sold seats bottom line. Good luck now. I cannot believe the big spending alumni are ok with this. Students, I hope you are making your picket signs as we speak. Picket Lew's house now!!!!!

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Long high speed chase ends near Kansas Highway 7

OMG, the lady travels 100MPH going the wrong way on I-70 (basically ready to kill people) and gets a $950 bond?????

There is something missing here! What do you have to do in Lawrence to get in real trouble?

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Forgotten keepsakes returned

What turned out with the stock certificates? Surely this is a big part of the surprise. Perhaps it was a stock which has split, been bought out, etc and worth much more today. C'mon, you're only telling half the story here. They're old and could take a trip or something.....throw us a bone.

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