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More than bragging rights at stake in football City Showdown

Should be a great ball game. In all fairness it should be noted that Free State is playing for a tie for the Sunflower League title in part because they were fortunate enough not to have to play the best team in the league, Shawnee Mission East and their loss to Shawnee Mission West, who LHS beat convincingly, does not count as a league loss even even though they are in the same league.Hopefully LHS quarterback Jackson will be able to play. Both teams have athletes and are well coached.

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Clinton releases 2015 tax returns, urges Trump to disclose his

Was that Khrushchev or Putin who said that?

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If you could bring any musician or band to Lawrence, who would it be?

Louis I agree. Saw them last in KC last summer. Mick and the boys, most enduring and prolific rock and roll band ever. Of course I'm old, but the Stones are timeless.

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K-State imposes sanctions following band's Jayhawk halftime show

The Big 12 commissioner and I disagree with you Bob.

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K-State marching band apologizes for shot at Jayhawks

The mildcats continuing preoccupation and insecurity with regard to their "Big Brother" is nauseating and classless. As one earlier posted, they were not even playing us and this sophomoric attempt shows how truly classless they are. Also let's not forget this occurred after the students signed those iron clad sportsmanship pledges. Their inferiority complex has never been more apparent. The band director should be fired. When Misery bolted from the league I never thought my dislike for a rival could ever match my contempt for the Tigers. Well the transfer of my hatred from one feline mascot to another is almost complete. Anyone over 10 years old would would draw the same conclusion any reasonable person would and it wasn't even subliminal. Another shot at "Gay U" by the Deliverance mentality at the rotten little apple.

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First lady’s speech ‘brilliantly cynical’

Heaven forbid that a woman would have an opinion on an issue, instead they should just let old men decide issues regarding women's health and reproductive issues.

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