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Domestic violence legislation advanced

This legislation is dumb I have read it and it requires non violent offenders, ie. theft, and minor drug offenses to seek treatment for domestic violence. I know of at least 2 people who are currently required to go to these classes and one stoled a camera and the other had a joint on him, niether were violent offenders nor were thier offenses violent. This is just another ploy for our state to get more money.

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13-year-old girl testifies that father came up with plan for children to murder their mother

I was in a very dysfunctional family and at that age my father did a lot of dumb things and would tell us to do things when he was drunk. My brothers and I were afraid of him we still did what was right. At what age is it ok for a child to do wrong things 10, 12, 13, 18? I think this girl thought like most kids think this will get me what I want and not thinking about the after effects i.e. my mom's death. I would want my children punished if they did this. True the father is wrong, but these kids had many chances to tell someone, they chose silence and it wasn't till after a deal was cut this girl changed her story, not afraid of Daddy now? Please! she meant to hurt her mom she didn't want to live in a house with rules and her dad was more leaniat. It's ok for a child to beat his/her Mom with a bat, but a girl in Missouri can kill a 5 year old and get charged as an adult. I think we need to be fair across the line.

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Mother testifies that ex-husband screamed 'harder! harder!' as son beat her with baseball bat

This is so awful and I am mad at the Prosecutors for giving these kids deals. They need to be punished for their actions we are not dealing with children teens can think for themselves and can decided good v. bad. These kids made concious decisions to do this and should be in a jail cell right along with the man that wanted to spend "quality" time with them. I feel sorry for this women we carry our babies below our hearts for 9 months and in our hearts forever. I have 2 kids and I get hurt when I am told they don't love me, I couldn't imagine if they physically hurt me. This women has been betrayed by her children, this is horrible.

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Letter claims bad conditions at juvenile facility

That is horrible LJW why are you not providing more facts? This is something that needs to be brought to light, that could have been any unruly child. If that happened to either of my kids the child that did it better run. That facility should be shut down, no excuses.

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Kansas Athletics seeks football fans to invest $34M for Gridiron Club

This is LOLtasitc, I wouldn't bother donating a dime to that school. They are bassakwards on the way their sports are funded. I used to go to every women's basketball game to support them but then after going to 2 away games and seeing how other schools split up money I decided not to pay for the football and basketball (men's) to have new stuff, while the women get very little. I think they need to re evaluate the money situation and stop fattening the already fat pockets of certain coaches and AD's. If they fire mangino they better have a better reason than the one's listed so far or ticket prices will plumet along with attendance to the games. Students are mad, fans are mad, other teams are mad. Big Mistake, Perkin's, Big Mistake!

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Mangino's communication with Perkins has been 'practically none'

What does weight have to do with being a good coach. I think giving your employee weight loss incentive is not appropriate. If you are saying your insurance will be less that is different because obesity is a medical condition. But he isn't allowing his weight to interfer with his job. My dad was just as big as mangino and he coached jr high kids and he was respected by players and parents as a great coach in fact his funeral 10 years later was full of past players and their families because he was good at what he did. Mangino is the same the good players respect him the ones that are always in trouble are the ones that aren't backing him. Perkins will be making a big mistake if he lets him go.

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Report: Women can do with fewer Pap tests

I just want to say these new guidelines would have killed me. On aug. 8th 2002 I was dignosed with pre cancer on my cervix I had just turned 20 and was newly married, by December it had progressed to cancer. I wasn't even 21 yet, if I would have waited it would have spread to other areas and I would have possibly died. i don't get it, prevenitive measures are better than paying for hard core Chemo and radiation, not to mention a funeral. The goverment needs to wake up, I am outraged.

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Mangino denies validity of former player allegations

I am backing My Man Mangino 100% and any tride and true jayhawk would too. He did nothing wrong, you don't like being yelled at don't go in to football I am pretty sure the arts department is looking for some new dancers for nutcracker.

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Mangino denies validity of former player allegations

Everything he says is spot on these kids come from bad homes and neighborhoods and the parents just think that the coach is supposed to take their place as a disciplenarian. But guess what? You are a parent even if your kid is grown and lives in a different state and you should be coming to campus and making sure they aren't ruining their lives instead of running about talking about how my kid plays football at KU. I had a coach in high school that would yell at us and make us run in the pouring rain in the middle of winter. Why? because we would act lazy or do something wrong off court to embarress the school. These football players are mad because they are being disciplined for embaressing the school and they think they can embaress us some more as a way to get back at us. If this man loses his job for doing it then all coachs should be scard.

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What do you think will be the outcome of the Mangino investigation?

I do remember what it was like before he became our coach and I don't want to go back to that. He brought KU football out of the ashes and into the spotlight we have a brand new stadium because he took us to the orange bowl and brought our city that great victory. I think if you enter into college sports not ready to do the work like most of these pansies you deserve it. I know someone who works for him and they say he's really nice to his staff as long as they work hard. These guys go out and party a lot and he has to put up with their sorry excuses for why they don't perform top notch, then they get a lil too much meat in their heads and decide lets pick on the basketball team too. These boys need a lil pushing physically and verbally or we will end up with the powder puff football team we had before and we can all go back to never hearing about jayhawk football again. If you forgot football brought revenue back to lawrence and now we have the money because we are good enough. So what if we don't win every game, without him we would lose every game because he keeps those boys in line and they don't like it because they want to be free and keep their athletic scholarships. Shut up you wimps and become men.

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