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City of Lawrence wins nearly $500,000 grant to help build more affordable rental units

they have income guidelines. not just anybody can live there.

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City of Lawrence wins nearly $500,000 grant to help build more affordable rental units

since when in this day and age is $650-$750 a month cheap for rent? Are you serious?? I'm sure that won't include rent PLUS utilities. Seriously, with gas zoomed up to $3.15 a gallon isn't that reflection enough on what's being outputted from a person's income? And $650-$750 a month out of a person's income when they might be making under $10/ is ridiculous.

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Police seek information in weekend robberies downtown

being robbed is no joke. the person that got robbed is a relative of mine and it ticks me off that people are making jokes about it!! how would you feel to have a gun shoved in your face??!! wow. thank god they got away with just his wallet and not his life.

seriously, if you have any information it would be greatly appreciated. i've had people tell me the car is a local vehicle, but haven't seen it recently (go figure). thanks to those that care and understand!

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Police investigating shooting outside Club Axis, as well as two other incidents overnight

How small minded that most of you focus on Club Axis when so many other incidents occurred around Lawrence within this past week? Club Axis is in no way, shape or form like Last Call. No matter what you do, people will always come to Lawrence because it’s smack dab in the middle of an area where people do hang out and party. Get rid of the clubs and bars in Lawrence? Really? Wow, how stupid does that sound? That’s never going to happen and if it did, all you would do is see the same incidents that happen in every other city and that is now happening here, happen wherever people get together in groups. Grow up, people. We all have been exposed to fights and incidents after too much indulgence in liquor. Go back to your grandparents time where they probably didn’t shoot each other, but they still beat the pulp out of people that made them mad during their drinking time. It’s the same thing! You can still die from a simple beating if a blow is placed right. The only issue that should be pointed out here is the fact that people are carrying guns and using them to settle their problems. The problem is not the club itself; it’s the people that don’t know how to conduct themselves. Grow up. Quit running your mouths when you don’t know what you’re talking about and quit being so violent. I don’t want violence and crime in Lawrence, but it’s here and there’s nothing we can do about it but learn to deal with it. Not every person is bad and not every establishment is bad. Stop focusing on Club Axis when it isn’t the only place having incidents occur; you’ve got the shooting outside the hawk, stabbing outside of set em up jacks, fights down on Massachusetts, Vermont, etc., fights happening at the local eateries. Wow…need I say more?

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Standoff suspect charged with battery

You know what's sad? Most victims of domestic abuse put up with it and take their abuser back.

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Public or private?

I believe recycling should be available to everyone that wants to do it. The best thing that companies can do would be to quit using or cut back on the products that are hard to recycle such as plastics #5-9. I like the fact that one city in CA banned the use of plastic bags. All it is is for convenience. However, I've noticed an increase in the plastic bag recycling areas in stores lately. It's the small steps that make a big difference. Can Lawrence not foot the cost of this? It's absurd that this would add $6 to $12 PER MONTH for a weekly recycling pickup when most people don't produce enough to have to recycle once a week. As a single person, I produce maybe enough to recycle once a month. I'm opting to continue to allow residents to recycle of their own accord. It's not the consumers faults that they have to buy products in excessive packaging that can be recycled. I'm proud of those that do care enough to recycle, but don't force people to pay for something that could be easily solved by placing centers in the 4 corners of Lawrence instead of just wal-mart and 12th street bargain center. The bins placed around town are great, but they don't cover everything. Come on city of Lawrence, I'm sure you can provide bins and pickup at a lower cost than charging everyone $6 to $12 a month for a service that they might not even use. I enjoy recycling, but forcing me to pay for a service that is currently free is going to make me not want to do it anymore. Think about that. Thanks!!

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6News video: Local women speak out against email scams

Hard to believe this happens, but it happened to me. Got me out of $4,000 plus bank fees. There was nothing that could be done that I'm aware of and I had to figure out what to do to correct the situation. Freakin' thiefs. i wish i could find the person who did this to me and make them sorry they ever solicited me and I was dumb enough to fall for it.

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Safe sidewalks

Sidewalks are one thing, but how about these roads? I went flying off of 15th street and into the ditch Wednesday afternoon after some idiot driver braked on the hill in front of me. I made an attempt to slow down from my already slow 20 mph. I applied my brakes tentatively and when i felt a little slide, i released, however, I still ended up in the ditch. Thankfully I was up towards the top of the hill where the ditch isn't so steep and able to work my way out and not at the bottom where I would have been on my side or worse in the deep ditch. The worst part of it was seeing another car come over the hill and slide into the ditch behind me, twisting and sliding it's way towards me. Yeah, I had to close my eyes on that one.
Can we as drivers fine the city for unclear roadways? How about for accidents and automobile repairs? 15th street is the same place I hit a pothole about 6 months ago that was so deep it flattened my rear tire and threw off my alignment!! (The pothole was fixed the very next day). I had to foot that car repair bill, now I've got to take my car in for some noise and pulling (again) after skidding into the ditch all because there was absolutely no traction on that hill and stupid people can't seem to figure out that you don't brake suddenly in poor weather/street conditions. Most streets would have had a little clear spots that might have caught the tires and stopped me. What's with the poor street clearing this year? Lawrence usually does such a good job.
And another thing! Last year on my way to the annual Christmas parade, I was walking on the the brick street adjacent to the courthouse, which was covered with ice, next to the icy sidewalk when my feet came out from under me. I just don't get it. Do i have bad luck or is there issues with this keeping the streets and sidewalks clear???

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Kansas threatens Nebraska with lawsuit

overuse of water? how can one state sue another state over water?? 'sigh' if it's not oil, it's water.

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Bucky's Drive In closes after long run

hmmm...the best burger? chicken? anyone think about Jefferson's on Mass?? wow. their fries are awesome, their chicken is great. love the location and it's an interesting place to go. Seriously, if you're ever downtown, stop in at Jefferson's.

The only thing i liked about Bucky's was the fact I could walk with my niece and nephews up to the park and have a great ice cream cone or dish in the park with them on a hot summer's day.

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