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Finding a job after age 50

This article is right on the money. I've been out of work for 2 years and have applied for over 150 jobs. Some of those jobs I have been perfectly qualified for and never even got an interview. I also interviewed for a job at KU; was interviewed by a group of people. Two of the people were 2 young people very much under the age of 30 who held positions for which I had applied. There is NO WAY they were more qualified than me...just younger and cuter I suppose.

However, I don't think it is just age discrimination because of completely unrealistic, dumb stereotypes...."can you use a computer." Duh...we invented them!! I think many companies see a younger looking workforce as making them more competitive in the market. There's an idea that youth = fresh ideas...whereas in many cases youth = lack of work ethic, lack of perspective, and a sense of entitlement

Sometimes I also think the issue is knowledge. Older workers know the ropes and are more willing to call management on their BS than young people are who are still earning their stripes.

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School board discusses boundary change

When Free State first opened I suppose there was some sort of "status" to it: Best band program, best vocal program, new building, nice parking lot, no retail down the street, etc. Now things have changed. I don't think there's much difference...and LHS will always get more press.

I think it is obvious that there is a grand plan that is being eeked out to the public. There is a committee looking at boundaries. Maybe we should all be grown-ups. Settle the grade school boundary question...and move up from there.

There's an elephant in this town and no one wants to talk about it, particularly the school board.

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School board discusses boundary change

Mary should definitely NOT be a spokesperson. As mentioned previously, there are too many of us who remember the Lovelands buying a house in the Free State district so their daughter could attend...and claiming they lived there. And then there was Pam Bushhouse's kids. The list goes on.

However, it was stupid then and stupid now to have 15th street being the dividing line. It would be nice, too, if one could simply divide the junior highs....but unless you reconfigure them, that won't work.

I say just have a lottery based on two drawings with household income being the divider. The first two draws from each group go to Free State, the next two draws go to LHS. The district has made it clear that all Lawrence families MUST provide transportation for their children to high school, so house location isn't at issue. For that matter, give kids a bus pass and improve public transportation - win/win for everyone!

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

We'll miss Mangino. The band and Mangino were the only thing interesting about KU Football.

The world of college sports is like a Peyton Place. It's kind of embarrassing.

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Setting boundaries

Those with negative comments re. the hot wheel cars have never heard of artistic license and obviously missed the entire point of the letter. No parent can be perfect every hour of the day. Some days you have to "choose your battles." But, if you at least establish boundaries when a child is young, studies will likely show that children are less likely to grow up into adults who are driven to write sarcastic or nasty comments anonymously.

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KU unplugs steam whistle to cut costs

Hhmmm.....don't give the Brits any ideas. Next thing you know their beloved Big Ben will be silenced...and the original flag that flew over Ft. McHenry won't be raised at the Smithsonian....Fiddler on the Roof....what can I say!

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Extra! Extra! Write the championship headline

MY SUGGESTIONS:S W E E T!!Bill and the Boys - Yeah!!about 5 big smiley faces - no words.Jay-Jay-Jayhawks JOY!!Jayhawks Jump for Joy!Eight - The Magic Number!1988 and 2008Rock Chalk Jay Hawks!!Won ONE WOW!Won over NC; Number One Just Gravy!Bill and the Boys Just DID it!SLAM DUNK ONE!orSLAM DUNK - NUMBER ONE!Hawks ARE FABULOUS!!

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