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Fitness club members criticize tree with Birthright message

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December 19, 2005 at 2:41 a.m. ( )

Do you think the state should also prohibit gays from adopting?

Enlightening conversation, to say the least.
General outrage at moral decay is what helped the Nazi Party assert power in Germany. Hitler blamed Jewish actors and artists, especially in and around Berlin, for the moral degradation of the German youth. The inactivity of the existing government made it easy for the Nazis to blame the government for the degradation. In doing so, they secured the offices of the representative government and we all know the subsequent history.
One can easily draw many parallels between that situation and the current situation in the United States. Though I find it difficult to consider that similar events could occur in this country, one thought of Matthew Shepherd forces me to consider it as a possibility.

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Why do you think Ann Coulter decided to speak in Lawrence?

I remember when President Clinton spoke for the Dole Institute. He and Senator Dole did not simply mock the opposing political party for an extended period of time. Ann Coulter and Howard Dean do a disservice to political discourse.
Moreover, from the quality of her comments about liberalism, the appropriate response from liberals in the audience would be heckiling. They were merely responding to mocking with mocking, which seems as the proper course. Just as any conservatives should feel obliged to heckle Howard Dean or Al Franken whenever they make incindiary statements that are void of meaning.

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