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Captured sex offender charged with escape

The LPD did do the right thing by admitting they could have done better. We have a fine police department. I'd bet this doesn't happen again. I wonder if there is more of a story with the escapee. Was it a teenager having a sexual encounter with another teenager, both of whom were consenting, but because of the ages put into these laws it became a criminal offense? Eighteen months for the offense and now 2 years for trying to escape. Are we as a society making a criminal out of a young man who because of his age has low impulse control and cannot think of behavioral consequences? Or maybe he's a pedophile and would do us all a favor with suicide?

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Sound Off: Can you register for the November election to vote by mail yet?

Another election where most who vote in Kansas will still vote for the GOP, the Greedy Old Plutocrat party.

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Town Talk: School district files plans to light tennis courts at Free State; city wins $20,000 grant for North Lawrence playground; city studying everything from solar to biomass at Farmland site

Just a note. Parks and Rec is putting in at least one lighted tennis court and a skateboard park at Deerfield Park on Princeton Blvd. I don't know when the project will be completed, but construction is moving right along.

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City approves sidewalk variance for neighborhood

It is so sad this variance was approved. I live on a street where people walk. There are places, one even just one house long, that don't have a sidewalks. So people walk to where the sidewalk ends, then step into the street, sometimes cross the street and then do the silly process all over. Not only are the sidewalks well worth the $1,000 to the homeowners, they enhance the closeness of the neighborhood. It's sad the council and the developer are so short sighted. When the rule was made it was for a good reason. The good reason still exists. The ones who voted to approve the variance and the developer should be ashamed. A year from now the $1,000 will be gone and forgotten. Fifty years from now the sidewalk would still be there.

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North Lawrence boardwalk proposal picks up steam

Of course no one has slammed the door in your face. It's a great idea. I'll miss the "old" Johnny's. Maybe it could become a "John's Retro Pub." Tweek the menu with Fish 'n Chips, Bangers 'n Mash and Shepard's Pie. It's a good use of the riverfront. I doubt it will be and extension of downtown. I've seen people drive two downtown blocks and watt for a parking place. I wouldn't expect to see too many, except for oldsters and young lovers, walking the bridge. A small skateboard and dog park would be nice. Go for it Rick.

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Jayhawk cheer propels runner in Dublin Marathon

It's a small world, after all.

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Increasing Amtrak use in Lawrence cited as good reason for city to buy depot

National parks, foster care, adoptions, health and education for the disabled and elderly, rural health services, Center for Disease control, public education, public radio and TV (Do you really enjoy those ads and the editorializing presented as "news?") And by the way, the post office was not a failure until the greedy deregulating politicians rewarded their moneyed friends and destroyed the airlines, the housing market and our financial services.

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Officers, firefighters honored for heroic acts with inaugural valor awards

Lawrence, Douglas County simply have the best police, sheriff and fire departments in the world, bar none. Thanks Sheriff Ken McGovern, Chief Tarik Khatib and Chief Mark Bradford. You are doing a great job and serving the public well. Keep up the good work. You can be proud of your departments.

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Lawrence City Commission approves gender identity ordinance

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Show stoppers: Brad Huff elbows way to men’s win; Gwen Inglis top woman

In the results section it would have been nice to learn where each of the riders or their teams were from. Knowing their sponsors or team names didn't add much unless you are a bike racing aficionado..

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