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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Three decades of defending and judging those in Lawrence's justice system

Good kids come from poor families! Bad kids come from rich or middle class families also. I'm referring to criminal behaviors being passed on by family members. One opinion reference one topic doesnt make the judge a bad judge!

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Three decades of defending and judging those in Lawrence's justice system

Judge McGrath is a fine judge and a better human being. He is stating the obvious, over the years he has realized what most in the judicial system already know children have learned a lot of their beliefs at a very young age. Those beliefs are learned by the environment they live in and the people they are brought up around. It is sad, generation after generation you see the same families showing up in front of a judge displaying the same behaviors as the prior generation. Its sad and can't be ignored. I have been lucky to know Judge McGrath as a judge, and a friend for years you cant find a finer or fairer person around. He is entitled to his opinions, it just now he can say them ouloud!

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Lawrence man charged, three juveniles arrested, in robbery of pedestrian at gunpoint

Tenstring, hate to say but all those social programs you talk about have about a five percent success rate. Not to mention people always have the right to defend themselves when held at gun point. Using you thought process we could have had dead victims instead of dead kids, thats not good either. None of this is good!

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Local government employees racked up more than $3 million in overtime in 2012

The benefits you refer to were changed in 1993. Those officers hired prior to 1993 still receive those benefits when they retire.

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Riordan thinks doctor's perspective, problem solving skills would be asset to City Commission

I first wondered if you even live in Lawrence but then realized I dont think you live on this planet.

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Kansas gun prosecutions ranked 3rd in nation

Good work, at least one gun was removed from the streets on each case!

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Group seeks broader liquor sales

Again here we go blaming the system instead of the person. When will people start blaming people for thier action not everything else. The world will be a better place when personal responsibilty is the only responsibility! You cant blame others for what you do, unfortunately the innocent suffer from bad choices made by others.

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Lawrence Community Shelter moves into new home

Every person that is released frm the jail while the bus is running get a free bus pass into town. Every person that is released from the jail while the buses are not working get a free cab ride to town. Just for your info!

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City officials looking for flaws in police ticketing policies, system

Do you really want a black and white system? Do you really want a system that has to issue a ticket to everybody they stop? Officers use "officer discretion" to give people the benefit of the doubt. Writing a ticket is not going to slow people down, bad drivers are bad drivers. If you look at the number of times officer discretion is used correctly to incorrectly I think you would be surprised. Those who are given a warning hopefully will think about their driving and pay more attention those who don't will be in the same situation soon after. I have to ask how OonlyBonly has time to watch the meter maids issue tickets enough to know how many vehicles they ticket and which one they don't or is his statement just a outlandish statement without merit just inflammatory. Law Enforcement is just like any occupation, unfortunately a few will really embarrass the occupation but in the end the occupation as a whole strives to do its job in a very honorable way, 5 percent of an occupation can cause great embarrassment for the other 95 percent. I don't know of any occupation that doesn't have the same problem. The important thing is to find those 5 percent and rid them from their occupation.

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Meth, by the numbers

Only Merrill could turn this into a political statement! The number of labs each year is not solely based on its use. There are so many variables that create these numbers, drug popularity, availability of other drugs, law enforcements funding to fight manufacture and its time allotment based on other priorities (other types of crimes). Keep in mind that Law enforcement agencies budgets are being reduced more and more each year so agencies are trying to do more with less and that will only work for so long. All drugs come and go due to the drugs popularity, pricing and availability. Legalizing one drug so another is not used is a ridiculous assumption on his part. When times are hard the use of all drugs go up as well as alcohol. One of the most effective ways to reduce the manufacture of this drug is to make the ingredients hard to obtain. Kansas has done a very good job of doing this by documenting who buys these drugs and restricting the amount one can buy. There is more press given to people complaining about how hard or inconvenient it is to buy aphedren than why it is being regulated. Most statistics are created and used by people with an agenda, look past what is on the surface you might be surprised in what you will find. Unfortunately most studies have a agenda and its unfortunate that they can't be unbiased and informative. The studies are shown in a manor that reflects the agenda of those who benefit the most. Merrill doesn't do anything but in flame things and he as made a good living in doing so. Unfortunately he does little to actually help the situation but there is hope I hear he is leaving for California.

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