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State employees to see higher insurance premiums, costs

Douglas County also increased the out of pocket expense to employees to avoid the the Cadillac tax that the affordable care act requires.

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74-year-old Lawrence man dies in mower accident

Dorothy, why do you have to be so negative and uninformed all the time? People volunteer to do chores at the state parks in exchange for staying over the summer for free. The program helps save you tax dollars and allows people to stay all summer at the park sounds like a pretty good situation for everybody. Do you really have to assume the worst all the time.

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Free State High 2015 Graduation

Is this supposed to be 2105 or 2015?

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Lawrence city commissioners look to add stop signs to reduce traffic on 27th Street

“I know four-way stop signs are what would cause me to avoid 27th Street,” said City Commissioner Leslie Soden.

So now it's the job of the city commission to try to figure a way to make people stop using public road? This happens anytime someone's neighborhood traffic flow is changed. Why can't everybody just calm down until the construction on 31st is complete? What will have changed when 31st is open that would indicate the traffic won't go back the prior levels? Summer vacation will eliminate almost all the danger to kids. Let have a little patience and stop having knee Jerk reactions to a temporary situation that always leads to spending taxpayers money.

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Lawrence teachers wary of bill holding them criminally liable for harmful material

Fortunately most teachers try very hard to follow course curriculum set by the school districts, unfortunately there are a small segment of teachers and administrators that feel they can teach what ever they think is right. If this small group would just go through the proper procedure each year to change the curriculum using a forum of teacher, administrators and parents this could be avoided. Somewhere along the process many educators get lost in the fact that these children and young adults are not their children and don't get to decide what they get teach them.

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Orman says Roberts campaign doctored audio in latest video ad

Its not a republican or democrat problem, its politics and its sad that it's accepted behavior.

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Law enforcement officers in Lawrence don't use body-mounted cameras

I want to pose a question! What if your boss handed you a body camera that records video and sound and told you to wear it for 8 hours and you you couldnt turn it off for any discussions. How would you feel after all you are working and getting paid by him. What is next, teachers, fireman, probation officers, college professors or daycare provider/babysitters.

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Planning Commission recommends denial of major shopping center along SLT

Someone explain to me how a bunch of citizens that have been appointed to a planning commission seem to know more about retail business than a group of investors that make a living at it. Seems like Lawrence is all for spending millions on projects that cost money and then refuses to let business into Lawrence to pay for all those projects that never produce anything but bills. I for one am tired of being the total source of revenue for this town in property taxes. This town mutilates a retail project so much just to get approval of government that the projects always fail. A perfect example is the 6th and Wakarusa Walmart, customers that live in the area still go to the 33rd an Iowa store because it was so downsized most customers can't do all their shopping at the Wakarusa store.

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Senate votes to defund Common Core standards

Can someone please put a limit on the number of posts Hecker can post at a time? Why he he feel he has to control everything on this site. All he does is cut and paste others ideas anyway.

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Iwig Family Dairy seeking $650,000 in donations to stave off liquidation

Why dont they just ask the City of Lawrence for a loan like the shelter did, best rates around!

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